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V.2008-01-21 -- This looks very interesting. Could you provide a link to a sample/test-page, or failing that, to a screenshot? Maybe ask PM to enable the recipe on the recipe page itself? Thanks! -- TeganDowling

I added a screenshotΔ to the GuiEditResize recipe page. :-) -- Wubbo, 2008-02-06

2008-07-22 -- It doesn't work on my PmWiki. The new buttons just don't appear. Could it be, that there's some additional code for the config.php missing? Where the new buttons are defined? mag

I'm sorry to hear that. I'll look into it and see if I can figure out what went wrong. -- Wubbo, 2008-09-02 Same problem for me (no img, and probably no javascript loaded). Try guieditresizedirurl in little letters (no caps) ; worked for me. I guess the folder's name is guieditresizedirurl, not GuiEditResizeDirUrl. (gb, 28/10/2008) )

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