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Cool. Could you please post a link to a demo? yep: Susan F.: Functional PDF Viewer

  • Added note (Susan F.): I just noticed this, when you are logged into your Google Account, the Google Viewer trys to access Google's Secure Login page. This happens in IE / XP. There is also an issue with users on Chrome 10xxx / Vista where the Google Viewer displays a Google login on half the Google Viewer.
  • I assume this is the code that calls the login: src="'.$fileurl.'&embedded='.$args['embedded'].'" width="'.$args['width'].'" height="'.$args['height'].'" style="'.$args['style'].'
    Hi Susan. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's the recipe's fault. If you check out the GoogleBlog blog for GoogleViewer (, you'll see in the comment section, especially in the last 6-8 months, a lot of complaints from people also receiving login windows when they shouldn't. I'm subscribed to that blog, and from the frequency of the same complaints, very similar to the one you've mentioned above, I'm not sure how much Google is working to improve this tool. The code above just helps plug in the correct values for the url in the iframe. And if you look at the source code on your wiki page (which is displaying fine for me on OSX/Chrome), you'll see no weird login stuff being plugged in. overtones99 April 07, 2011, at 03:31 PM
  • New issue: Attempt to access Google secure login displays (status bar) when accessing another secure access system. I have deleted the file and reinstalled a new copy. This seems to have temporarily resolved the issue.
  • New issue: This may not be related to the Google Viewer, but it is worth the note. Replacing the PDF file on a server with a new document causes a delay in the representation of the document image in the viewer itself.

I tried the recipe but it did not work for me. I am organizing my uploads by page and have $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group/$Name'; enabled in my config file. I am assuming this has something to do with it... Any ideas? Sameer 23 Jan 2010

hi. here is a version that attempts to fix this problem: GoogleViewer-2010-01-23c.phpΔ . would some folks mind trying this to see if it works? it does on my system, for both per-group and per-page uploads, but not on Sameer's. overtones99

the overtones99 version worked for me, thank you very much! I'm doing uploads differently but had them enabled... easier to use new .php than tinker w/ my settings. Thanks!

It works also with files placed in subfolders of a group, like (:googleviewer Public/UserName/testfile.pdf:). Thanks, well done. SteP 20131204

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