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How can I change the row height? Tnx DJ -> mailto:pmwiki [snail] nldj [period] com (July-28 2007)

Where do I put this code?

table.firstrow th { background-color:#ccccff; }

I think an example will add some value to this document. -Stahn (280305)

  • Yeah, where do we put it? Is it supposed to be in the config.php file or the CSS file? And do we have to install any other cookbook before it works? -Anonyumous (110506)
Lines like:
table.firstrow th { background-color:#ccccff; }

are CSS markup and should either go in the CSS for your skin or in your local.css file in /pub/css. (See the Skins docs for more on those files.)

Lines like:
$TableRowIndexMax = 2;
$TableRowAttrFmt = "class='ind\$TableRowIndex'";
are PHP, and go in your config.php file.

-Marc (030606)

Hi, I think the code to be put in config.php shouldn't have the dollar escaped. On my server it produced something like class=col\1. Maybe this is some auto-escaping present in php5 or something? Not sure. Nova

If the string "class='ind\$TableRowIndex'" is wrapped in double quotes like in the example, you need to escape the dollar sign. If it is wrapped in single quotes like 'class="ind$TableRowIndex"', you don't need to escape it. --Petko March 30, 2011, at 08:58 AM

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