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  • This recipe will probably not work on windows unless you install find, grep and probably bash.
  • Despite the page and word indexing system builtin to pmwiki, on older machines this recipe can still provide a significant speedup.

Hi! I've tried to use your cookbook, but it seems that it search only in wikilib.d. My settings for $WikiDir are the following: $WikiDir = new PageStore('wiki.d/$Group/$FullName');. I've digg a little your code and saw that for wikilib.d the cookbook build entire path, but for wiki.d don't do that. I use the following pmwiki version: pmwiki-2.2.0-beta63. What is your opinion?

Each time I've attempted to comment out that section I break PmWiki. Can you specify exactly which lines to comment out in pagelist.php?

Same thing here. I have the find and grep as well.

In scripts/pagelist.php, search for

  function MakePageList($pagename, $opt, $retpages = 1) {

(this is line 155 in pmwiki-2.1.27) and insert

  /* Commented out so grepsearch.php can run

above it. Now you need to find the matching '}'. This should be the next '}' in the first column (line 253 in pmwiki-2.1.27). One easy way to find this is to search for the word 'function' (the ending brace should be just above the next function declaration). After the brace, add

  End comment out of MakePageList */

How much faster does this really make it?

I use (:pagelist...:) a lot on my pages. One large page was taking 11.9 to 4.89 seconds just for the MakePageList() function. Using grepsearch.php reduced this to 0.02 seconds (I used $StopWatch to measure this)

grepsearch.php breaks the ability to use parameters on Wiki feeds. The error results from not finding the sortPageList() function. The way to correct it is to change line 197 of grepsearch.php: 'SortPageList' to 'PageListSort' -- eliot

  • correction: this doesn't work. It was a different problem. SortPageList and PageListSort seem to be two different functions that take a different number of parameters. SortPageList is supposed to be a valid according to the pmWiki documentation ( but it looks like it was changed to PageListSort in a newer release. This breaks grepsearch.php ... Any ideas on how to fix it? - eliot

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