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Hi Petko, I was thinking of grouping all my snippets into one extension, but I'm having some difficulty. When you have some time, could you write a short tutorial to compile the main extensionsX.php which calls other pages (.php, .css, .js and standard pm-pages)? Thank you.
Furthermore, is it possible from the extension to add a custom skin (with a new Site.SkinElements page)?- Frank

Sorry for the delay, I am in the middle of a quite intense project with not enough sleep. I have drafted the page ExtensionDesign that may help you start. Remember this requires PmWiki 2.3.31 or more recent, and I've just updated the Hub and 2 of the sample extensions today (to simplify the merging of the local and the default configuration arrays). Please do let me know if you have any questions or difficulties, or if you uncover bugs.

Yes, you can set the $Skin variable from an extension, and ship wiki pages, but if a wiki page already exists on the wiki, that page will be used and not yours. If you have a custom skin, you should distribute the skin pages with it, see for example how Triad does it - it is a different mechanism, you directly edit $WikiLibDirs. --Petko

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