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Resource in footer

I probably did something wrong, but a report could be useful: I tried extAddResource('mycookies.js', 1); in MyExtension.php, but cookies didn't work without the string $HTMLFooterFmt[]...$ExtPubDirUrl/... in farmconfig. Then I tried with priority 90, but at that point I couldn't log in anymore... so I had to delete the priority (line) manually from wiki.d/extensions/Extensions.Config. - Frank

It should probably be (for the footer):
extAddResource('mycookies.js', [], 1);
The second argument is an array of HTML attributes for the resources. I thought the resources in the header would be most frequently needed, attributes would be more frequently needed than footer resources. I was wondering if it would make it more obvious to switch the last 2 arguments (so your line would work). How do you feel about it? --Petko

Well, with the second argument yes, now cookies work, as you said. Having no attributes for the footer, I didn't think it was necessary. Sorry, dumb mistake. Thank you. - Frank

In order to simplify this and make it more obvious, I've added 2 helper functions extAddHeaderResource('mycookies.js'); and extAddFooterResource('mycookies.js'); in version 2024-04-10. The previous function still works. --Petko

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