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  • The code listed here caused my XHTML to no longer validate due to the "<" character. Rectified by encapsulating the javascript code into a function.
  • Personally, entering into edit mode upon a doubleclick feels a bit counter-intuitive, and certainly not always desirable. I do have another suggestion, however. Would it not be possible to have the doubleclick lead to some kind of "lookup" action? The reader reads a word he doesn't understand, he doubleclicks it, and bingo, there's the appropriate page of the Wikipedia or the Wictionary... Does anyone think this is possible??? (posted by Ludo - somehow, my name in the Author box on top didn't register).
    Using the opera browser will give you this. Select a word and with the right mousebutton menu you get the choices "Dictionary" and "Encyclopedia". -- jroeterd
    Konqueror, Firefox have something similar... Select the word, right click and choose "Search the web for (term)" --floris
  • I just did the same thing for "login" for AuthUser. Since I am using PmWiki as a CMS for a public site, I did not want the login link to be too obvious. So, but putting the double click on the page footer DIV, I was able to achieve a login link that's not readily apparent to the user. BenWilson January 11, 2006, at 10:52 AM


I came across the wikiwyg.net and has a very impressive feature for edit. Isn't it similar to the EditOnDoubleClick recipe, but a better one? Has anyone tried to integrate the wikiwyg.net to the pmwiki? Sichendra, March 06, 2006

__A VERY NICE FEATURE, YES!__ It shouldn't be hard to implement. Maybe I'll do it... KMcC

Maybe you could use SectionEdit - Split a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section - to implement this

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