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2006/10/02, Daniel
this addon is great, thanks!
Is there o possibility to define the links to get opened in a new window? Thanks, Daniel

I don't think provides this option; since the links are sent on the fly by's database, we're sort of forced to use whatever code they send. I think the thinking at the moment is that browsers offer the option of opening links in a new window or tab, so it's unnecessary to force the user to do it one way or another. I think using CSS you might be able to tweak it somehow, but I'm really not sure how you'd do that. - JonHaupt
note that this is something that has been requested by the Delicious community ([(approve links) edit diff]), but has not yet been delivered. however, Delicious staff have indicated (([(approve links) edit diff]) that they will likely provide this functionality in a future version of their software. for now, it appears there is a javascript hack ([(approve links) edit diff]) that rewrites all links with target=_blank appended... - overtones99

2007/02/14, Tobias
Unfortunately the tagometer badge treats and as two different URIs and thus display differing information. Is there a way to prevent this?

I believe this is a limitation of, as it doesn't know how to tell that those two urls are the same thing. I think the only way to avoid this is to make sure that the URI is always one or the other--perhaps by using a rewrite rule. It seems like probably the second one is safer, so you could rewrite all of the first one to the second one. otherwise, it's up to to become a smarter system. -j

2007/04/07, Mark
Very cool. I have been meaning to find add this.

Question though, if I just want to show the tagometer badge but not the tags or person count, just the clickable image. Thanks. Mark

2009/08/18 st
Hello there!
I want use multiple tags, but combined. Display all Links tagged with 'Tag1' or 'Tag2' limit ;-)
tags: Limit the linkroll by tag(s). Multiple tags use the syntax 'tag+tag'
thx for solution!

2009/10/03a overtones99 this recipe is fabulous! thank you jon (and delicious). this is totally going to revolutionize the way i share bookmarks!

i noticed that it's possible to style the links in my css file. info from delicious is available here: ... but here are some of the most valuable CSS lines i plan to use Note that there are more than are notated below; feel free to just comment out or delete the ones you don't need. Any items that you don't include will assume the default styling of your site:

.delicious-banner, .delicious-banner a { font-size:12px; color:green; } /* style for title */
.delicious-link { color:blue; } /* color of each bookmark link */
.delicious-tag { color:red; } /* color of each tags */
.delicious-extended { color:yellow; } /* style for notes */
/* zebra (alternating bgcolors) - EVEN */
.delicious-even { background-color:none; display:block; }
/* zebra (alternating bgcolors) - ODD */
.delicious-odd { background-color:#eee; display:inline; }

2009/10/03b overtones99 it appears that an older version of the delicious recipe from 11/2008 was the version that was last uploaded, instead of the 4/2009 version - i noticed that the label-to-title bug had not been fixed. i fixed what i thought was probably the bug, and reuploaded it here as delicious-2009-10-03b.phpΔ, and in place the link for the current recipe for this page as well. i hope that's alright. might want to double-check.

one thing i cannot yet figure out: when adding a title, it seems to prefer it as title='my title' (single quotes), and not as title="my title" (double-quotes). i get gibberish printout with the latter. ??

and finally, i decided to make the defaults available via SDVA, so that folks can set their own defaults in their config.php. this can now be done via $deliciousTagDefaults and $deliciousBookmarkDefaults if pasted before including the delicious code, like so:

  $deliciousBookmarkDefaults = array(
    'number' => '30',
    'sort' => 'alph',
    'tags' => 'true',
    'user' => 'myAcct',
    'icon' => 'none',
    'title' => '',
    'showtags' => 'true',
    'shownotes' => 'false',
    'showname' => 'false',
    'showadd' => 'false'

2009/10/04 overtones99 - With delicious-2009-10-04b.phpΔ, one can now display notes via shownotes=true. plus, added showadd and showname - two items i will probably never use, but delicious offers them so adding them in anyways. Also updated (:deliciousbadge:) to include arguments.

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