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Is there a way to do a locale sort by Title instead of Name? Chris Harvey-- Oct 6 2013

Yes, I have added it in the section with the function LocaleSort(). --Petko October 06, 2013, at 06:36 AM

Sorry, it’s not clear what the pagelist syntx should be. I’ve put your addition into the config.php, and added (:pagelist group=Main list=normal order=title fmt=#title :) to my page. I get the pages listed by title, but in an odd order of Caps first then by Unicode Number. So Éa > co > ça

Please see TestSort where the recipe is enabled and it works. That page uses the French UTF-8 locale, so we have a line setlocale(LC_ALL, 'fr_FR.utf8'); because this wiki has UTF-8 enabled. This should work on most linux/unix systems where that 'fr_FR.utf8' locale was compiled. On other systems ask your system administrator to compile it, or read your system's documentation (you can and probably should use the locale of your language if it is other than French). --Petko October 06, 2013, at 10:10 PM

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