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Nicer View of Comments using History Simonx, 18. April 2008
I aimed to show Comments (for all pages) in a chronological order, marked with author, etc. (I use AuthForm to determine the Author) Using the History of the Comment.-Page instead of the Page itself, I solved this problem partially by changing the Footer you include in config.php to:

$GroupFooterFmt =
    '(:nl:)(:include $Group.GroupFooter:)'.
    '(:nl:)---- %target=_blank% [[Comments.{$Group}-{$Name}?action=edit|Write Comment...]](:nl:)'.
    '%target=_blank% [[Comments.{$Group}-{$Name}?action=diff|Read Comments...]] (:nl:)----';

The Problem: This only creates a LINK to the History of the Discussion - where we want an inclusion (split)! However, History is not a wiki-page and neither can one use http-inclusion (e.g. cascaded sidebar). Any Idea?

In case the actual wiki group name contains hyphens, like [[Blog-Trip-2008/2008-01-04]], the redirection will not work properly. --Petko January 06, 2008, at 12:18 PM

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