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HansB: I am failing to see the advantages to add these markup definitions. PmWiki got a nice simple div markup, which allows easy addition of classes, div id's, and styles. It also allows input of multiple lines, as is very often needed using div blocks. It does require a closing markup, but that is quite short too. Your examples can be simply achieved with use of PmWiki markup

!!!PmWiki div markup
>>class-tag<<Click Me!
>>MyNewClass<<Click me!
lorum ipsum... est laborum.\\
and another line....\\
last line followed by div closing markup.

See [[PmWiki/WikiStyles#blocks]]. For standard [@(:div ..:)@] markup see also [[PmWiki/BlockMarkup]]

PmWiki div markup

Click Me!
Click me!

lorum ipsum... est laborum.
and another line....
last line followed by div closing markup.

See WikiStyles#blocks. For standard (:div ..:) markup see also BlockMarkup

from Kirk Siqveland

Thanks HansB for the note!
The simple answer is RTM - which I did not.
When I went looking for this feature the descriptions in the Cookbook list did not make it clear to me what functions were available.
More importantly I think it would be good to add a note within the UnToggle recipe pointing to the WikiStyles#blocks page, so others can find it more easily as well. I will add a reference link in the top of the Class-Tags page with a note to look to the official methods, but I'll leave this up as a demo of code solutions others might build from.

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