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How to set this to fmt=#default without need of declaring start=BPL? What is this parameter "start" of (:pagelist ... markup ? -- BlacK? July 11, 2018, at 02:57 PM

This recipe pagenav clears all GET requests in links and adding only ?p=. How to make this work correctly with PMWiki search?

Great recipe, just working. This was urgently needed in PmWiki. Han october 3 2009

Thanx for this. Had to contemplate a bit about the source but then I got it - exactly what I was looking for! Flexible & smart.
Only had to change {$$BPLcount} to {$$BPLmax} in the Template example - by the way I'd prefer {$$BPLcount}
Tontyna February 21, 2009, at 04:24 PM

I tried to keep a tight naming correlation of var names between $BPLConfig, (:bplinit:), pagelist and pagelist template. Unfortunately pagelist has a count= parameter (which would be better called range= now with having a new start= parameter), so {$$BPLcount} was too close to that for my liking. Perhaps {$$BPLtotal} would be better than {$$BPLmax}? I am willing to change that, as this is a very new recipe and not much in use yet.

What do you mean by "Had to contemplate a bit about the source"? Are there parts of the instructions which could be clearer, or more detailed? - HansB

I was puzzled by the question where to set which config variable - in (:bplinit:) markup? in (:pagelist:) markup? in my config.php? and the names to use for them - with or without 'BPL'?
To understand the effect of BPL navtype I had to build some example bpl-pagelists (with enough pages to produce the dots) and only source code reading gave me the clue.
BPLbyitem is still a secret to me.

Hint: The Template example misses the most important (:template each:) part. Of course this one ist standard for experienced PageListTemplaters, but...

By the way: When I applied the recipe to a 'virtual page' - like the archive pages in BalusBlog? - the links in {$$BPLprevlink}, {$$BPLnumlinks} and {$$BPLnextlink} automatically and naturally became edit links. I was forced to hack the source, appending &action=browse to them.
Tontyna February 22, 2009, at 03:08 PM

Thanks for your feedback! I've now added more info to the documentation. - Unfortunately I know nothing about the 'virtual pages' you refer to, so can't help there! - HansB February 22, 2009, at 06:26 PM

Balu uses e.g. a link to (not existing) page 'Blog.2009?action=browse' to display via pagelist in the GroupHeader all (existing) pages with name 'Blog.2009-??-??-*'.
Another example for 'virtual pages' are non-existent Category pages. If you don't auto-create Categories (and I don't. Cause there is no auto-delete) you probably want a categorylink to 'Category.NotYetCreated' - just displaying the backlinks via pagelist - no editlink.
So the bpl-navigation-links one needs in the above cases should be kind of categorylinks resp. need action=browse otherwise the Wiki jumps into edit mode. Maybe we will create that page sometimes, but at the moment we only want to navigate the bpl-pagelist. - Tontyna February 23, 2009, at 02:42 AM

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