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Sometimes authors would like to be able to break large PmWiki pages into smaller chunks to improve readability. This recipe adds a (:breakpage:) markup to allow an author to specify where to split the page. (:breakpage:) also provides a "Page 1 2 3 ..." set of links at the bottom of each page to allow navigation to other chunks of the page. The bottom of this page demonstrates the use of (:breakpage:) directive.

Just a thought: maybe "____" (4 underscores by analogy with ----) is worth considering, instead of using a directive. jr
This sounds pretty good to me, perhaps "in addition to" a directive?

This recipe only enables (:breakpage:) when browsing pages; other actions (e.g., ?action=print simply ignore (:breakpage:) directives.

To enable this recipe, simply place the breakpage.phpΔ script in your cookbook/ directory, then add the following line to your config.php:

Usage note
If your page also includes (:nogroupheader:) or (:nogroupfooter:) directives, you will need to mention them in each page section. This is because PmWiki processes these after it has processed any (:breakpage:) directives.
We could always process (:breakpage:) after the (:nogroup(header|footer):) directives. What do you think? --Pm
Not sure, both have pros and contras... --[~Balu]
My thinking was that group headers and footers are not part of the page content and so should always be displayed. Otherwise (assuming headers and footers are normally displayed), page 1 has a header and no footer, page 2 has neither and page 3 has a footer and no header. This seems somehow wrong to me; at the least, it's confusing.
Alternatively, the nogroupheader/footer processing could work on the original page text, rather than the page cutting.--jr

19-Feb-2005 what about i18n? is BreakPage able to use XLPage translating words for "Page" and "edit"? Please adjust it. I don't know how. (i can change it in the source but thats not Wiki-like.) newmy

23.3.206 (:toc:) directive in the beginig of the document shows the headings only of the 1st page, not of the whole document. How to fix it? Jiri

March 27, 2005 - Can we have this behaviour added automatically, say, for each first header (h1) and h2? How do you suggest this could be done? A markup change? Thanks --m

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