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  • (+) This is a great recipe. There are however three suggestions for improvement:
    • It is very naughty to have "hijacked" the jquery $ function, this causes an incompatibility of your add-on with any using jquery. I have rebaned the function to $$ everywhere in your code and it works (and by the way, util.js is no longer used in AttachTable).
    • It does not work with the RequireSummary recipe, if you leave the summary blank, it will not auto save. To work around this, I have added the following after line 100:
    	if (array_search('RequireSummary', $EditFunctions))
    		unset($EditFunctions[array_search('RequireSummary', $EditFunctions)]);
    • Very minor, but... The checkbox does not look too nice as there is no space to the right. on line 78, add a space after <input type='checkbox' checked='1' id='autosave-cb' />
  • (+) I've started rolling this recipe out on every client website. Thanks! XES February 02, 2014, at 07:19 AM

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User notes for the AutoSave recipe (talk).