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Doesn't seem to be working for pmwiki-2.3.25 -a-xn

is there a way to declare and maintain a list of names and links somewhere on the wiki, similar to how InterMap does it?

thanks to PeterBowers, this has now been added to version 2009-09-01... overtones99 September 01, 2009, at 09:26 PM

It would be cool if you could specify that only the first instance of a replacement should be replaced per page. That would provide the usefullness of the link without annoying the reader with multiple instances of the link for every mention of e.g. John Doe.

great idea. you can now enable this by setting $AutoLinkOnce = true in config.php. overtones99 October 06, 2009, at 05:48 AM

Talk page for the AutoLink recipe (users).