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I've come across this recipe, and I'd like to adapt it to use user groups from my forum, which doesn't run on vBulletin. However, I'm not familiar enough with either vBulletin, or the architecture of pmWiki to work out how to adapt it. Could anybody give me some pointers?
First, this recipe has not been updated to use the latest AuthUserDBase -- not sure if it's compatible. Assuming it is: if the forum application is similar enough to VBulletin, I'd start with changing the tables and fields this one points to. I didn't even have VBulletin to do this -- I had a specific client who supplied me with the table/field info for VBulletin, and I created the recipe. Assuming you have some database and PHP experience, you can probably figure out whether this recipe could be adapted to your forums.
XES January 27, 2007, at 04:25 PM

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