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This module is under development. Feel free to submit any bugs or suggestions. I am willing to take this into next level, because I love this idea to have one password and log in on multiple sites at once. Please add a comment to this page where we can see this in action!

This script has a problem when $ScriptUrl contains the whole http address of the server and not just the local path. In that case trust_root is set to an unreadable value and an error is reported by the openid server. To correct this edit authuseropenid.php and change $openid->SetTrustRoot('http://' . $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $ScriptUrl); to

if (strpos ($ScriptUrl, 'http://') === FALSE) {
    $openid->SetTrustRoot('http://' . $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $ScriptUrl);
} else {

Confirming the above. Also worth note that the above fix will not work if your wiki is served over https. A second note- this module uses the identity endpoint as the username, which is possibly undesired behavior, as the endpoint will often have little to say about who the person behind the openid is (note the open-source rails IDP, and how its endpoints simply have the server link rel and brief text saying the function of the url). Optimally, we'd like to see this information about our editors. PeterWoodman May 09, 2007, at 03:39 AM

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