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AD Auth Question

I'm unable to get AD auth working via IIS8. I've configured the lines below in local/config.php but continue to receive the error "Name/password not recognized":

$AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://';



(Dev here.) See if this recipe can be of some help: AuthUserViaMicrosoftLDAP and Talk. I only had the chance to test LDAP a few years ago, and it used to work. If there is a way I can test your server and debug it I'm willing to try to make AuthUser work for you: contact me at 5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr. Also, maybe first ask the question on the pmwiki-users mailing list in case someone is using LDAP/IIS8 and can help you. --Petko September 10, 2015, at 03:05 PM

500 "Internal Server Error"

I get http error 500 "Internal Server Error" when I try to log in. What's wrong?

This can happen if the encrypted passwords are not created on the web server that hosts the PmWiki.
The crypt function changed during the PHP development, e.g. a password encrypted with PHP 5.2 can not be decrypted in PHP 5.1, but PHP 5.2 can decrypt passwords created by PHP 5.1.
This situation normally happens if you prepare everything on your local machine with the latest PHP version and you upload the passwords to a webserver which is running an older version.
The same error occurs when you add encrypted passwords to local/config.php.

Solution: Create the passwords on the system with the oldest PHP version and use them on all other systems.

Marcus Denning,, 20160114-16:25GMT-06
When using Option: User List on Site.AuthUser

Also, if using this method, the default administrator name-id "admin" is not set when forcing Author Name with profile link in the EditForm template.
This is what I did in mine.
  • If using the following
    • In Site.EditForm to force signed-in ID Authorship
      $[Author]: [[Profiles/{$Author}]]
    • In SiteAdmin.AuthUser hard entered page edits for usernames and passwords to manage users
  • Include the following line to assign an Author Name to the default global admin id
    • if(($Author == '') || ($Author == 'Profiles')) { $Author = 'admin'; }
  • Insert the line AFTER the lines you have added in local/config.php
    • include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");
      $Author = $AuthId; # after include_once()

Now when you log in as the global admin you will have admin for a username and can save and publish pages!

There is now an update with a much more robust and fuller AuthorName assignment algorithm coding on the PmWiki/AuthUser-Talk page.

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