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You should never need to edit core files

Hi. I haven't reviewed or tested your recipe, but I just noticed something in the page that should be done differently. In order to replace existing markup rules, just define them in config.php or in your recipe, no need to edit scripts/author.php. Actually, PmWiki is designed specifically to allow you to redefine or replace its functions without editing pmwiki.php or any file in the scripts/ directory -- which allows your users to upgrade to newer PmWiki versions without losing your changes. See PmWiki:LocalCustomizations. --Petko August 14, 2012, at 08:44 PM

You are right!

I have since changed it so that you do not have to touch anything but config.php. Thanks for checking out the recipe! I am currently focusing on any and all security vulnerabilities associated with this method of storing login information. Please let me know of if you find/come up with anything! --aeftimia? August 22, 2012 at -03:13PM

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