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2008-02-20 - I just tried this, but it looks like a slash is missing when directed to the login page. I got to mydomain.comforum/login.php instead of I just can't seem to find where I should put that slash ;-) - blader_se

2008-02-21 - This was probably caused because your phpBB setting "script_path" did not start with a slash. Uploaded version 080221, which handles the settings similar to phpBB. Also made a couple of tweaks in the section that adds the session identifier for clients with cookies disabled. - Jantah

2008-03-17 - This script is wonderful. Is there any way however to give PHPBB users specific page privileges. I'm trying to make it so each user can edit their own specific page. The id:user in action=attr doesn't seem to work however. ~ Sarif

2008-03-18 - Not yet possible, I've copied the authorization function from AuthPhpBB2, and only slightly modified it. It distinguishes between guests, registered users and admins, but no more. I am working on extending that to phpBB groups and user-specific authorization. Stay tuned. - Jantah

2008-03-22 - Should have known it was not that hard in PmWiki. Just set the $AuthId, populate the $AuthList array and let AuthUser take care of the rest. I called this a release candidate, need some feedback (here, or by email from my profile page) to be certain about the stability. - Jantah

2008-03-30 - Right now, I'm setting up a site for a game (just a small mud) I'm staff at with pmwiki/phpbb and your recipe. I haven't installed the latest version yet, however, but it's been working well for user contributions. Within the next week or so, we'll probably be installing your latest release and making PmWiki/phpbb the main portion of our site. When we get the site up and working, skinned, and all that, I'll post a link for you. Great work on the recipe. It's saved me a lot of headaches and expanded on what we can easily provide for our players. Players will have personal pages, and pages for their characters and be able to contribute to various in-game groups they're a part of, without much work in terms of authentication that we've been integrating between our game and phpbb2 already. You rock. ~ Sarif

2008-04-01 - Will there be any support for calling group moderators in a separate group? Like @mod-foo would call the moderators for group foo? ~ Sarif

2008-04-01 - That seems like a good one. Group moderators may need additional privileges in areas where the group has certain rights. I've opted for a name suffix, because this results in a more descriptive group name. The moderator of the phpBB group "@Foo" will automatically be member of the PmWiki group "@FooModerator". - Jantah

2008-07-12 - Does anyone have a perspective on revising this code to work with phpbb3. I already have phpbb3 active and want to bring up a complementary PmWiki. What scale of debug/changes am I going to have to attempt? -Chris C

2009-11-03 - There are a big problem with this. You need to add "$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS = $_COOKIE;" at the beginning of AuthPhpbb2Sso.php, because without that some versions of PHP will not be able to see the cookies.

2013-01-31 - Got it working with "$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS = $_COOKIE;", thanks for the hint. One other thing ... group names better have not spaces in them ... had a forum group 'Wiki Team' for people with edit rights, didn't work, a group named 'WikiAdmins' worked [(approve links) edit diff] though with a config line like :

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '@WikiAdmins';

~ Blue Hell.

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