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  • hfwang, march 6, 07 Very Nice! Now IF the search options in both apps could be interchangeable that would be fantastic!
  • Smc, Mar 07 2007, Thanks. Search was something I looked at but don't have a solution yet. For information take a look at the PhpBB2Integration recipe I just wrote up.
  • This mod is exactly what i've been looking for (if I can get it to work). After installing and configuring your files, I deleted cookies and re-logged into phpbb, but the old password request form still shows up when clicking edit. It doesnt accept the admin password or the phpbb password; locking me out of edit. Some of my pages are admin read only and I can see those, but can't edit them. Config edit password has been deleted. Yes, I double checked the name of the cookie -Steve
  • Smc, Mar 08 2007. Sorry to here you don't have this running. Perhaps I can help. Please enable diagnostics mode on your wiki so I can add ?action=diag so I see more of what is going on. From a quick look at what I can 'see' on your site and what I've done on mine I have the following suggestions; (a) you may need to move your forum software so its at the same level as the wiki e.g. at the top level you would have the 'include' and 'template' directories for phpBB and also the pub, wiki.d, local, etc directories from PmWiki. My reason is because the cookie being set on your site for phpBB2 has a path set to /forums. I think this means it will not be presented/available to PmWiki as it is not in the same 'path'. (b) It looks like you don't have the extended information in the cookie, I'll know for sure if you enable diag mode. Your looking to see 'username' in this cookie in addition to 'userid' - I only see userid. (c) You say you've already checked your cookie name so I assume you have set your $phpBB2cookie variable (above) to 'kitebuilde' (note the missing 'r')? You will be looking at the 'kitebuilde_forum_data' cookie.
So in summary, three things initially that spring to mind. I'll keep a look out here to see how you have got on.
  • Thanks for your help Smc, I got it to work. The correct sessions.php was at includes/sessions.php. Also the cookie path in phpbb needed to be set to "/". This mod now works perfectly. Thanks again. --SteveF
  • Wubbo, Jan 22 2008: Although I don't need this functionality for my particular PmWiki at work, it is an excellent idea! Bravo!

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