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This add-on is not working with latest version (pmwiki-2.2.71). Anyone able to fix it, or suggest an alternative? Thanks. - sleite? Mar 12, 2015.

Update: I figured out the problem. I didn't modify the Site.UploadQuickReference file. :-) Tested and works with version 2.2.71!
Make sure you edit the page [[Site.UploadQuickReference]] in your wiki, not the file on the server directory. --Petko March 12, 2015, at 03:55 PM

Hi Dan, it's a nice cookbook, thanks! In the wiki philosophy there is a "mantra" that you can not delete anything, this is of course infeasible by deleting files, ;-) but could you make it a little bit less dangerous. It would be fine, if there were at least a promt "would you really delete this files" next pressing the button "delete checked files".

cg 2006-03-29

After talking to Dan I added a patch which prevent upload input fields from disappearing ater deleting an attachment and I increased the version number to 0.05 :-)

-- Jann November 24, 2006, at 09:11 AM

-- Ulli? January 11, 2007

Is it possible to chnage the delete to move the file to a spezial folder with an timestamp, so may it can be restored....?

I think this is important. The deletepage? recipe leaves the file, but appends it. This wouldn't work here because it will show all files in the directory. However, if [=(:newattachlist:)=) hid all files with an extension of .deleted, then there would be no problem!

Verion 0.07 in my installation lead to downloads not opening on the client side as desired. Instead, the various applications seem to consider them binary files not conforming with the expected file type's structure. I've been forced to disable the recipe now ... but of course I'd like to keep it! Your suggestions for a fix would be appreciated ... Thanks in advance! --Henning February 27, 2009, at 09:36 AM

I found this recipe useful. However, instead of deleting the files, I make it to rename it by appending ".del-" followed by unix timestamp. That also makes it possible to choose not to display those files in the newattachlist. However, any restoration of "deleted" files need to be done from the command prompt. Here is the modified code (includes also a bug fix): attachdelrename.phpΔ . Subhrajit April 09, 2012, at 09:56 PM

Hi. Is it possible to include the Author of each uploaded File in the List? Thank you! :) Micha, September 16, 2021

Not in these listings, but you can make a new listing for newly uploaded files, similar to RecentChanges, see Cookbook:RecentUploadsLog. We are using this at AllRecentChanges (mixed with the page changes) but you can make a separate page. --Petko September 16, 2021, at 05:33 PM

This recipe uses Markup_e(). I guess it should not... --Pierre, April 27th 2023

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