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Menu does not work in pages named with accented letters

The examples below use labels in Esperanto. The directive used is:

(:actions "Ago:" browse="$[View]" edit="$[Edit]" diff="?$[History]" upload="?$[Attach]" attr="?$[Attributes]" print="$[Print]" backlinks="$[Backlinks]" logout="$[Logout]":)

This recipe works well in a page named with non-accented letters:

Page name: Testo/SimplaMarkado (Test/SimpleMarkup)

<select name='action' onchange='....'>
  <option class='browse' value='browse' selected="selected">Vidi</option>
  <option class='edit' value='edit'>Redakti</option>
  <option class='print' value='print'>Printi</option>
  <option class='backlinks' value='backlinks'>Retroligiloj</option>
  <option class='logout' value='logout'>Elsaluti</option>

But it does not when the page name have letters with diacritics:

Page name: Testo/AĊ­tomataEnhavtabelo (Test/AutomaticTableOfContents)

<select name='action' onchange='....'>0</select>

I need help on this... Thanks in advance! moisesbr April 22, 2015, at 10:08 AM

Thanks, should be fixed now. --Petko April 22, 2015, at 01:33 PM

Fixed indeed. Thank you! moisesbr April 22, 2015, at 08:29 PM

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