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PHP 5.5 is supported

PHP 5.5 is natively well supported, just remember to use ASCII math syntax, see:

No mods or changes are required. For example the correct code for JVampouille case is:

 {$vec (AB) $} 

Profiles.MassimilianoVessi 2015-12-16

syntax not recognized It seems that some syntaxs are not recognized.

for exemple: {$\overrightarrow{AB}$}

The syntax seems not to be correctly converted by the Markup_e. I need to have a correct conversion to type: {$$$\overrightarrow{AB}$$$}

Jvamp January 25, 2016, at 01:28 AM 14, december 2015

Preg e flag fix

Use this line:

Markup_e('{$', '>[=', '/\\{\\$(.*?)\\$\\}/', "Keep('`'.\$m[1].'`')");

Instead of the markup line in the .php file.

David Pilling 9th October 2016

Talk page for the AMmathjax recipe (users).