Summary: activate recipes based on one or more actions in config.php
Version: 20180205
Prerequisites: none
Status: mantained
Maintainer: CarlosAB February 05, 2018, at 10:00 AM
License: GPL
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How can I activate recipes in config.php for one or more actions in a simple way?


Enable recipes based on one or more actions in config.php.


Just do a include_once in config.php, you have to save the recipe on cookbook folder.



On config.php, do as shown bellow:

if(OnAction('edit,print')) $Skin = "bareskin";

You can include recipes as well, all based on this simple syntax.

Change log / Release notes

20180205 - first release - onaction-20180205.phpΔ
20180216 - trimmed exploded actions before matching - onaction-20180216.phpΔ
20180220 - corrected a variable name - Attach: onaction-20180220.php

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CarlosAB February 05, 2018, at 09:59 AM


See discussion at OnAction-Talk?

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