Summary: Create formated lists of `PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page.
Version: .5
Prerequisites: none
Status: alpha
Maintainer: Ausimage
Discussion: DataSections-Talk
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It allows the author create a page of formated values from a page that has multiple same-name sections and same-name PTVs.


Create formated lists of `PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page.



Place the Data SectionΔ in your cookbook directory and then place include("cookbook/DataSection-0.5.php") in your config file.

Wiki Markup

The current markup for Data SectionΔ tries to stay true to standard `PMWiki markup. Each section is contained in anchor block and does not change over each section to be listed. Each value in the section is a standard PTV assignment (definition list or hidden data format) that is reused inside each section.

item: soup

(:cost: $2.00:)

heals: everything

(:item: orange:)

(:cost: $1.00:)

heals: cold and flu

item: garlic

(:cost: $.50:)

(:heals: immunity:)


Each section is then parsed with a template page to create the final listing of sections with this directive.

(:listblocks[#section][#section] [if="equal {=$name} value:\)

Some value assignements can be stated within the configuration. For details examine the source file. pg has a default value of #entry. If fmt does not specify a section then the whole page will be used. An optional if clause could be added to filter on PTV values found within each section.

Sample Block Template

Our {=$item} can help with your {=$heals} and it only costs {=$cost}.\\

Sample Output

Our soup can help with your everything and it only costs $2.00.
Our orange can help with your cold and flu and it only costs $1.00.
Our garlic can help with your immunity and it only costs $.50.

Release Notes

This a first release. It has the basic functions I was thinking of including. I hope to improve the recipe by including additional features of page lists and by improving its overall usability.

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See discussion at DataSections-Talk

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