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AccessKeys  Access keys are keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would otherwise require a mouse
AccessKeys-Talk  Discussion of AccessKeys
AdminTask  List of PmWiki administration related tasks organized in alphabetical order
AnalyzeResults  Instructions and possible responses from using the Site Analyzer
AQ  Repository for questions about PmWiki that have been answered, see also FAQ
Audiences  Patrick Michaud's comments regarding the "audiences" for which PmWiki was designed
AuthoringPhilosophy  Patrick Michaud on the reasons behind Author variables
AuthUser  Authorization system that uses usernames and passwords
AuthUser-Talk  Discussion of AuthUser
AvailableActions  All PmWiki page actions (?action=) and other query parameters
AvailableActions-Talk  Discussion of AvailableActions
BackupAndRestore  background information and some basic backup and restore procedures
BasicEditing  PmWiki's basic edit syntax
BasicVariables  core variables
Blocklist  Blocking IP addresses, phrases, and expressions to counteract spam and vandalism.
Blocklist-Talk  Discussion of Blocklist
BlockMarkup  Markup resulting in paragraphs
BlockMarkup-Talk  This page covers discussion about the BlockMarkup character combinations
Categories  Categories are a way to organize and find related pages
Categories-Talk  Discussion of Categories
ChangeLog  Log of changes made to PmWiki by Release
ChangeLogArchive  Version 2.0.devel1 (2004-08-26) to Version 2.3.0 (2022-01-15)
ChangesFromPmWiki1  features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated in PmWiki 2.0
CharacterMarkup  inline markup character combinations summary
Characters  Tables of special characters
Chat  IRC Channel: #pmwiki on irc.freenode.net
CommentMarkup  various forms of comments and how to achieve them for wiki pages
CommentMarkup-Talk  Discussion of CommentMarkup
Concept  PmWiki concepts and terms
CondAuth  Documentation of the internal function CondAuth
CondExpr  Details of the CondExpr? function
ConditionalMarkup  The if directive allows portions of a page to be included or excluded from rendering
ConditionalMarkup-Talk  Discussion of ConditionalMarkup
ContactUs  How to reach the PmWiki developers and community
Contributors  A list of contributors to PmWiki development and improvement
CreatingNewPages  How to create a new page
CustomActions  Make PmWiki respond to custom values for url parameter ?action=...
CustomInterMap  Redirects to PmWiki.InterMap.
CustomMarkup  Using the Markup() function for custom wiki syntax; migration to PHP 5.5
CustomMarkup-Talk  Talk page for improving CustomMarkup
CustomMarkupAlt  Alternate introduction to custom markup for beginners
CustomPagelistSortOrder  Setting custom sort order for page lists
CustomWikiStyles  Predefined PmWiki styles & adding custom wiki styles
DebugVariables  variables useful for debugging
DeletingPages  Removing wiki pages
DesignNotes  Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions
DocumentationGuidelines  Broad guidelines used for writing PmWiki documentation
DocumentationIndex  PmWiki documentation index
Download  Download versions of PmWiki
Drafts  Draft versions of pages
EditGettingStarted  Introduction to markup (editing for beginners)
EditingAPI  This page documents the API for modifying PmWiki pages via the wiki engine
EditVariables  variables used when editing pages
EditVariables-Talk  Discussion of EditVariables
EditVariablesInTextArea  Collection of some edit tricks
ErrorMessages  Help for specific PmWiki error messages
FailureStories  When things don't go as planned
FAQ  List of frequently asked questions
FAQ-Talk  Discussion of FAQ
FAQCandidate  Frequently asked (and answered) questions that may move to the FAQ page
Features  A listing of PmWiki features
FeaturesAtAGlance  A short listing of PmWiki features
FilePermissions  PmWiki's settings for file and directory permissions in a typical Unix environment
FilePermissions-Talk  Discussion of FilePermissions
FlatFileAdvantages  Flat file usage by PmWiki
FmtPageName  Documentation for the PmWiki internal function FmtPageName()
ForHire  consultants, contractors, developers and designers for hire
Forms  How you can embed input forms into wiki pages
Forms-Talk  Discussion of Forms
FunctionList  A simple list of the functions provided by PmWiki
Functions  How some of the functions in pmwiki.php work
Glossary  Terms related to PmWiki
GoodStyle  Good style guide for writing content
GroupAttributes  Group and page action security password based access control
GroupAttributes-Talk  Discussion of GroupAttributes
GroupCustomizations  How to customize a subset of your wiki
GroupFooter  Trail and talk page links
GroupFooter-Talk  Discussion of GroupFooter
GroupHeader  PmWiki group header. Includes styles and trail.
GroupHeaders  Group Header and Group Footer page usage
HierarchicalGroups  Why PmWiki doesn't use hierarchical or nested groups
HomePage  Redirects to PmWiki.PmWiki
HowToGetAssistance  How to seek help and assistance and report PmWiki bugs

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 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.01 00.01 config end
 2: 00.21 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
 3: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: Chain begin
 4: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateLoad
 5: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateDefaults
 6: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePageList
 7: 00.21 00.21 MakePageList pre
 8: 00.21 00.21 PageListSources begin
 9: 00.21 00.21 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
10: 00.22 00.22 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
11: 00.22 00.22 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
12: 00.22 00.22 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
13: 00.22 00.22 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
14: 00.22 00.22 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
15: 00.22 00.22 PageListSources end count=315
16: 00.22 00.22 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
17: 00.22 00.22 MakePageList items count=315, filters=
18: 00.22 00.22 MakePageList post count=315, readc=0
19: 00.22 00.22 PageListSort begin
20: 00.22 00.22 PageListSort sort
21: 00.23 00.22 PageListSort end
22: 00.23 00.22 MakePageList end
23: 00.23 00.22 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrg
24: 00.23 00.22 MarkupToHTML begin
25: 00.23 00.22 MarkupToHTML end
26: 00.23 00.22 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateSliceList
27: 00.23 00.22 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateFormat
28: 00.29 00.27 MarkupToHTML begin
29: 00.36 00.35 MarkupToHTML end
30: 00.36 00.35 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrgPostFormat
31: 00.36 00.35 FPLTemplate: Chain end
32: 00.36 00.35 MarkupToHTML end
33: 00.37 00.35 MarkupToHTML begin
34: 00.37 00.36 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
35: 00.38 00.36 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
36: 00.38 00.37 MarkupToHTML end
37: 00.38 00.37 MarkupToHTML begin
38: 00.39 00.37 MarkupToHTML end
39: 00.39 00.37 now
Peak memory: 4,532,736 bytes