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This is the first Skin that I've put into the community, I have a few others I've done, but they are not quite as high a standard, does this seem ok? and should I release the other less polished ones? AndyG

Andy, thanks so much for this wonderfull skin. Unfortunately I am facing problems with the ShowHide-Recipe. The buttons are still displayed but clicking them does not do a thing. I have no problems using other skins... do you have any idea?
Another thing is: I am confused by the headings styles - the third order headings seem bigger (and "more bold") than the second and first order ones. Maybe order 1 and 3 could be changed?

!Level one heading
!!Level two heading
!!!Level three heading

Level one heading

Level two heading

Level three heading

Thanks for a short answer! Frank

Ta for the feedback, I've fixed the H sizes in the CSS, the ShowHide-Recipe seems to work for me, the first thee examples on the recipe page anyway. I uploaded an updated version of the skin, v1.1.969Δ

Thanks alot for your quick response. Using your updateΔ the headings look nice and the ShowHide-problem has disappeared. There is another thing that came into my mind: I am using the sidebar to point to a lot of pages and also to their "top" page. Concret: I have some pages concerning software. So I have the following pages:

  • Software.Subversion
  • Software.Emacs
  • Software.Software

Unfortunately Software.Software (which is a kind of top page) seems less important in the side menu because the entry does not get a bullet point and the font is normal whereas entrys like Software.Subversion are bold. also there is quite alot vertical space between the entry for the "top" page and the belonging "sub" pages. I hope I could explain myself... (this is the same for the standard entry from PmWiki that you removed in your wiki when I look at the screenshots: PmWiki -> Features, Download, Installation, Basic editing,...)

I think the reason for this is that un-numbered lists are bold by default in the skin's style sheets. I guess your top level (Software.Software) does not have a * infront of it. The best bet from this is to bold your top level in the normal way with quotes. Letn me know if this sounds like what you're seeing.
You are basically right, I can make the entry bold using ''' but there is still a lot space between the "top" entry and the rest. I guess there is no special handling for the sidebar - that would explain the behaviour :) By the way: do you read the markup %sidehead%? I did not realize any changes using it in the sidebar or not... I think this could help.

I have another little idea: using the recipe SectionEdit or SourceBlock small entry (Edit section respectively Get code are inserted. Using your skin they are aligned left which makes the page a little harder to read because the entry are close to the headings. Some other skins align them right which I think is a good idea because there is more space.

Sorry for coming up with these small details but this is just a good sign because the overall style of your skin is great!

Maybe you can think about these issues in a future version. Frank

I tried to use your skin with the PageTableOfContents but every link from the TOC point to /wiki/pub/skins/ I guess this is a bug. Cheers, Frank

ah, ok, this is weird, it'll be something to do with the was the skin set the base url in the head tag probably, I'll have a look at this tomorrow. I'm not sure if using that base tag is a good idea, I did it because it makes it easier to ref images used in the css, but it has caused some grief.
This is fixed in version 1.2.1304, I changed away from using the base URL in the head tag. AndyG

Thanks a lot for the beautiful skin! I just came across the issue (probably similar to the one mentioned above) that anchor targets (I mean, the link which brings you up/down to a specific place in the same page) have invalid URLs. E.g. the markup [[#database | Database]] should generate a URL like...

...but it generates...

As a workaround I am now not using [[#database | Database]], but [[{$FullName}#database | Database]] Greetings, Stefano

Ah, this will be because I set the base URL in the head tag (this is done so the paths to images used in the CSS work ok), I'll have to think of a way of not doing this, I guess there is a better way to image paths in CSS, I'll try to figure it out and get a fix up the next couple of days.AndyG
This is fixed in version 1.2.1304, I changed away from using the base URL in the head tag. AndyG

How do I enable the Edit menu (the sidebar containing the edit options). Thanks, Nil

I'll have a look at this too. AndyG
This is a feature, it doesn't show the edit options unless you have permission to edit. I've added more info on this on the skin's page including how to remove the feature.
Thanks Andy .. it works now. Nil

I have some issues with IE7: Page title is half-hidden behind white rectangle and there are certain problems with left column (it can be too thin to fit some things). Adding "width: auto;" partially solved this problem, but then in IE7 page body (with title) appears below it instead of right side (although probably it's normal when program window isn't wide enough). I don't know what to do with title though... [(approve links) edit diff] Will be grateful for any advices... Thanks for the great skin BTW!

I'll try and have a look at this next week. AndyG

This is a great skin, and thanks for putting it together. Just a quick reminder: Update the version number/date in the included README.txt. It still shows as version 1.1 from 14 October 2008. This might confuse some people who expect this to show the latest version number (1.2.1304, if I'm correct). Thanks again!

 Chris K.
Thanks for mentioning this, I'll correct it next time I update the skin. AndyG

I have a Problem with the skin. The Problem is that the skin doesnt look like the Demo Skins you set up. The frame that is around the links in the left Corner isn't there. Do you have maybe a Documentation of the Skin ? i hope it's correct that i've writing the Question here.


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