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Open Questions

Print option - css fine mistake

Status: Bug

Peter Bowers January 01, 2011, at 02:07 PM: There seems to be a problem with the demo. Error: "Unable to find skin from list Sandbox"

Also it would be a bit nicer if the link to the demo went directly to the demo rather than clicking on it and going from there to the skidoo page and then finding the demo link... Just my $0.02 (or maybe I clicked on the wrong link to start with?)...

DaveG 2-Jan-2011: Well it should take you to the demo page, and it should not be broken :) Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look in a few days.

fabrizio?, 14-01-2010: I just want to point out the the line 6 of the file skidoo/print/print.css should (I think) be changed in:

  <link rel='stylesheet' href='$SkinDirUrl/print/print.css' type='text/css' />

because the path for the file print.css is wrong and print output is not well rendered.

18-Jan-2010, DaveG: You are correct. I'll add this to the known issues.

19-Feb-2010 - mbacas: I'm guessing fabrizio meant the print.tmpl file and not the print.css file contains the incorrect line.

19-Jan-2010, DaveG: Yes, the problem is in the .tmpl file.

Minor Style Modifications (suggestion)

fabrizio?, 12-09-2009: Dave, I have been using your skins/work and taking advantage your suggestions a lot. With this I'd like to offer some contribution to this good skin. In order to fix some minor styling glitches with Skidoo (1px misaligned tab border reported bug) I have made some modifications to the skidoo.css:

line 9:   font-size: 108.1%;      /*any value between 90.1% and 130.1*/         	      	   	 
line 11:  padding: 0.5em 0.8em 0em 0.8em;  	   	  
line 197: height: 18px;                           
ine 221:  border-bottom: 5px solid;               
line 251: height: 21px;         

I am not really a css expert so feel free to do whatever you want with my suggestions. cheers fabrizio

18-Jan-2010, DaveG: Changes look good. I'll incorporate them in the next release.

Closed Questions

Broken layout

Borislav?, 28-10-2010: I followed the install instructons and it's all broken. Er... well here it is: [(approve links) edit diff]

Borislav?, 28-10-2010: I found the problem. It was the name of the file skidoo.css. The .zip package has the file name all lowercase, but the skin requires it to be capitalized: Skidoo.css. Renaming the file fixed that issue.

Display Problem with CSS

bilu? 10-03-2010: Followed the simple directions and unzipped skidoo in a new site within the wiki farm and i can see that the data are there for the header, footer, sidebars and body, BUT no css styling or layout is working. Not sure why. I tried a group with a group config page and a new site with config, as suggested in the instructions. CSS with other skins works fine. Weird.

10-Mar-2010, DaveG: Permissions on your skin folder are not set to allow public read: "You don't have permission to access /pub/skins/skidoo/Skidoo.css". The directory, and files need to be set to at least "rwxr-xr-x" (0755), possibly 777.

bilu? 14-03-2010: That was it. Thanks.

Issues with Edit window

fabrizio, 2009-09-09: I Dave, very good job, this skin is very very nice. I just have some serious problem with the edit window that maybe you can help me with. when in edit mode the wiki text suggestions window below the edit window is very very long, all text suggestions are something like this:

 Basic editing - Text formatting rules - Documentation index

Tables: simple - advanced

Paragraphs: for a new paragraph, use a blank line;

Line break:
[[<<]], or

-> to indent text,
-< hanging text

Join line: \

* for bulleted,
# for numbered,
:term:definition for definition lists

'''''bold italics'''''  

[[another page]],
[[another page | link text]], 

any idea? cheers fabrizio

10-Sep-2009, DaveG: My guess is that you are using something to auto-replace newlines with <br> tags. Somthing like:
#$HTMLPNewline = '<br />';

If that is the case try adding this to config.php:

$HTMLStylesFmt['skidoo'] = '.quickref br { display: none; }';

fabrizio, 2009-09-10: Dave, the problem was caused by the line $HTMLPNewline = '<br />'; in my config file. And the line was there because you actually suggest it in Skidoo ;-) I just removed in and problem fixed. Thanks for your help

10-Sep-2009, DaveG: Ha. That's what you get for listening to me :) Glad you fixed it. (Documentation has been updated.).

Using rframe causes layout problems

TomC?, 5-March-2009: Hi, Great skin. I'm using it to set up a wiki to help train my medical office staff as we transition to an electronic medical record. I use firefox and have no problems but, in IE the main page and then right side bar will occasionally be "pushed" down. (e.g. the left side bar is ok, but, then the middle (main) will not start at the top but begins where the left side bar ends, and the Right side bar starts where the middle ends.) It seems to be caused by either %lframe% or %rframe% and doesn't happen on all pages. If I either change to %cframe% or remove the frame all together then it works fine. Probably something I'm doing but, figured I'd point it out. Thanks

DaveG, 6-Mar-2009: I've tested using IE6 and IE7, and can't repeat the problem; do you have a test page I could look at, or have you been able to target in on the problem? Also, which version of IE and Skidoo are you seeing the problem with? Can you also confirm that you have javascript enabled -- skidoo needs js.

I can see how this might be occuring, since some other skins have had a similar issue where an element, with "clear:both" would cause the problem -- although again, I don't see that even in that case.


Status: Closed

Dalek?, 22-Feb-2009: It does't work properly. The Group Tab display Site.SideBar instead of Group.SideBar on this page. I've also tested on clean wiki.

DaveG, 22-Feb-2009: If you mean the Group tab on the left-side, it picks up whatever you have in Site.Skidoo-Tabs, under the section "leftTabs". By default this is:
(:div title="site":)
(:include {$SiteGroup}.SideBar:)
(:div title="group":)
(:include {$Group}.SideBar:)
(:div title="admin":)
(:include {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-AdminBar:)

So the Group tab on the left should be the group SideBar page. If you edit Site.Skidoo-Tabs then there will be a file in your wiki.d called Site.Skidoo-Tabs. In which case this edited file will overrirde the default file.

GUI Buttons

Status: Issue corrected

EvilSeph?, 8-Jan 2008: Thanks for this skin, I love it. :)

It seems the GUI buttons for ordered list and unordered list have been switched around. Also, the link in the right of the footer links to the wrong page. If I come across any other bugs, I'll let you know.

Thanks again, this skin is great!

DaveG, 11-Jan-2008: Thanks for the feedback. I've added your findings to the bug list -- fixes to come soon!

DaveG, 6-Mar-2009: This is fixed in version 1.0.5, which separates out the toolbar functionality into a separate Edit Toolbar cookbook.

Wiki Farms

Status: Issue resolved

Ian?, 2007-10-05: Seems to be a problem installing on a wiki farm. Compare the following two bits of page source from one of my sites:


The skin is somehow inserting pmwiki instead of my site's directory. In config.php I have:

$ScriptUrl = 'http://www.banter.local/ramblings';
$PubDirUrl = 'http://www.banter.local/ramblings/pub';

5-Oct-07 DaveG: I have this working on farms, so there's not a general problem there. I'll take a look at what might be going wrong in this case. (I do use script and pub dir in the skin, so the problem may lie there.

Looks point 4 on the Skin Templates might be relevant here. Skidoo uses the $SkinDirUrl to determine where the skin files are located. This path is determined by PmWiki based first on the value of $PubDirUrl/skins/$Skin, and then on $FarmPubDirUrl/skins/$Skin"). It's possible that you are setting $FarmPubDirUrl, which points to /ramblins?

8-Oct-07 Ian: Thanks setting $FarmPubDirUrl correctly fixed the problem.

Issues with Safari rendering

Status: Issue corrected

Brendon?, 2007-10-03: I love this skin, it doesn't work too well out of the box with Safari though. Mostly the menubar across the top has gaps in it, and the horizontal menu doesn't line up well. Still, nice work!

3-Oct-2007, DaveG: I'll work on making Skidoo Safari compliant this weekend -- expect an update! Thanks for the feedback.

Brendon, 2007-10-08: Looks much better in Safari now, thanks! The topbar and tabs and everything so far look proper to me now.


mbacas?, 19-Feb-2010: This looks like a great skin. If you had to pick from all the various skins that you have done which would you select for "personal" (just for myself) note taking? Also, I maintain a website for our pen club that is currently just an edited HTML template. I'd like to convert it to a pmwiki site and use one of your skins. If you could take a look at the existing site and recommend a possible skin? Just google "southeastern pen collectors". I understand if you would rather not. Thanks for creating all the great skins.

Gart?, 2007-10-03: Love this skin, one day it'll be the PmWiki default!

DaveG: Thanks!

hua, 2007-12-10: Just in time :) Am in the midst of setting up a site to allow note taking. The rounded corners, shadows, color themes and graphics used made it professional looking

DaveG, 9-Dec-2007: Glad you like it, thanks.

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