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Summary: Simple div (no table) version of default PmWiki skin.
Version: 2.4.1-20230217
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.122+, PHP 5.6.40+
Status: stable
Maintainer: V.Krishn
Categories: Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
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Discussion: Notebook-NT-Talk

notebook-nt Skin for PmWiki


This skin is a simple div (no table) version of default PmWiki skin.
Efforts have been made to make the stylesheet as close to the default css that comes with PmWiki skin, making it easy to migrate to a table-less design.

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Browser Compatibility

see Requirements


Unzip and Place the notebook-nt/ directory in your skins directory (pub/skins/),
and set in config.php:

$Skin = 'notebook-nt';

Package/AppsMinimumLast test
Php5 >= 5.6.408.0.19
Browser1Most browsers built after 2014
with JavaScript support + CSS2.1+

1. CSS(browser dependant) -




February 17, 2023
notebook-nt v2.4.1
 -- updated using default skin from PmWiki 2.3.20.
 -- removed unused class footer.

January 18, 2023
notebook-nt v2.4.0
 -- make compatible with php 7.2x.
 -- make compatible with php 8.0.x.
 -- updated using default skin from PmWiki 2.2.145.
 -- minor bugfix.

March 28, 2014
notebook-nt v2.3.0
 -- Make compatible with php 5.5x.
 -- Minor bugfix.
 -- Code clean.

October 5, 2009
notebook-nt v2.2.1
 -- changelog update
 -- add for config.php sample code in local/config.php.sample
    i.e when using (:noleft:) or (:noright:) directives
 -- minor changes in default.css

September 29, 2009
notebook-nt v2.2.0
 -- version number change
 -- minor css changes
 -- updated using default skin from PmWiki 2.2.4

September 12, 2009
notebook-nt v1.0.3
 -- fixed <br> breaking wiki pages.

September 05, 2006
notebook-nt v1.0.2
 -- Minor changes to give facimile look as the original skin.

September 04, 2006
notebook-nt v1.0.1
 -- Minor changes.
 -- Adjusted copyright notice.

September 01, 2006
notebook-nt v1.0.0
 -- Initial release.

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Comments / User Feedback

See discussion at Notebook-NT-Talk

User notes : If you use, used or reviewed "Notebook-NT", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.