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Current look: . (See how the footer changes, too.)


This skin began as a derivative of Lean (v0.12.1) with the SideBar on the right, the title in the main content area, and several other changes.

Like Lean Skin, this skin isn't a graphical tour-de-force but it's capable of delivering content without much distraction.

Design Objectives

This skin's objectives are about the same as the Lean Skin objectives.

Having the SideBar on the right means wide content obscures the SideBar instead of the content, so there's less scrolling. In addition, text-based browsers will display the content above the SideBar menu (tested with Lynx and Eudora Web for PalmOS). Note: The SideBar can easily be moved to the left side by changing two characters in light.php.

The Title at the top of the content area is an <h1> header to hopefully encourage WikiUsers to create wiki pages that are well-structured web documents.

Of course the skin produces valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS output.

Access Keys

The skin includes these access keys by default:

accesskey+'c' = Recent [C]hanges in current group
accesskey+'a' = [A]ll recent changes
accesskey+'b' = Edit side[B]ar
accesskey+'e' = [E]dit Page
accesskey+'h' = Page [H]istory
accesskey+'p' = [P]review page when editing
accesskey+'s' = [S]ave page when editing


Screenshots are in an image gallery made with Qdig.
(The screenshots are of Release 0.01.1, which is a few releases ago.)


gzipped tarball: LightSkinForPmWiki-2016-09-07.tar.gz (26K)
zip archive: (32K)

These files are in the archives:

|-- README.txt                Brief documentation
|-- INSTALL.txt               This file
|-- light.tmpl                Template
|-- light.php                 PHP script
|-- light.css                 CSS stylesheet
|-- light2.css                CSS stylesheet 2
|-- lighticon.gif             Icon image
|-- lightlogo.gif             Logo graphic image
|-- lightlogo-old.gif         Old logo graphic image
|-- lightlogo2.png            Alternate logo graphic image
|-- lightviews.php            "View" switching script
|-- print/
|   `-- print.tmpl            Print View template
`-- wikilib.d/
    |-- Main.AboutThisSite     Default About This Site page
    |-- Main.AllRecentChanges  Non-$SiteGroup AllRecentChanges
    |-- Site.LightEditForm     Custom Edit Form
    |-- Site.LightXLPage       Preferences page
    |-- Site.Search               Custom Search page
    `-- Site.UploadQuickReference Custom UploadQuickReference


Place the light/ directory in your skins directory (pub/skins/) and add the following to your local configuration file:

## Use the CIS-Dept. Light Skin and its printable-view skin.
SDV($Skin, 'light');
SDV($ActionSkin['print'], 'light/print');


Older Releases

See the README.txt file.

Ver. 0.13

  • Now bundling a custom Search page and a customized Upload Quick Reference.
  • Added a login capability. There are three login levels: Editor, Editor with Upload capability, and Administrator.
  • Added miscellaneous CMS-Oriented features.
  • Lots of other changes...

Ver. 0.13.1

  • Brought Site.LightXLPage preferences / translation page up-to-date.

Ver. 0.13.2

  • Added dlcol wikistyle, as seen on the Cookbook page.
  • Disabled some CMS-related settings by default.

Ver. 0.14.0

  • Now cookie names use $CookiePrefix.
  • Now inserting Atom and RSS 2.0 feed to enable autodiscovery of feeds.
  • Now displaying a few more GUI Edit buttons on the Edit Page.
  • Now removing rel='nofollow' attribute from external links when in CMS Mode.
  • Improved stylesheet loading order (light2.css is now via $HTMLStylesFmt .)
  • Now turning Backlinks link on/off with PHP instead of CSS.
  • Now turning Print link on/off with PHP instead of CSS. It's off by default.

Ver. 0.15.0

  • Improved CMS-oriented behavior generally.
  • Added some more settings that can be used in config.php.
  • Now "site" view is used only if CMS Mode is enabled.
  • Improved CMS-Mode page restrictions for web feeds.
  • Moved more links from the template to the php script.
  • Added a login/logout prompt to the sidebar bottom.
  • Eliminated the XHTML validator link. (A wiki page works.)
  • Added a "Manage Users" Admin link to $SiteGroup.AuthUser.

Ver. 0.16.0

  • Expanded and improved the configuration settings section, now commented.
  • It's now possible to do an (:if enabled LightSkin:) conditional test.
  • Now {$SkinVersion} markup returns the skin version.
  • Shortened light.php by moving the code for demo views to a separate file.
  • The Author Required message is now highlighted so it's easier to notice.
  • The SideBar bottom content is now in wiki pages.
  • Moved the [[#anchor]] in the Edit Page up one row.
  • Removed the Logout link from the Site.AboutThisSite page.

Ver. 0.16.1

  • Fixed code that was making it difficult to get a logo to appear.

Ver. 0.16.2

  • Added a save-as-draft button to the edit form.
  • Removed the margin in sidebar headings for improved vspace compatibility.

Ver. 0.16.3

  • $Actions_allowed now uses SDV() so it can be set in a configuration file.
  • Added 'comment', 'approveurls', and 'approvesites' as default allowable actions.
  • Adapted new title to use the new $ActionTitle variable.
  • Added {curlies} to page variables in the template file.

Ver. 2016-09-07

  • Remove charset <meta> tag
  • Fixed $EnableHeadBacklinks
  • Added <!--HTMLFooterFmt--> to page template - reported by Michael
  • Added @media (media quiries) to CSS and made some changes to improve appearance on mobile devices.
  • Demo3 has some CSS to improve the skin's ability to adapt to different widths.


The skin is designed for PmWiki v2.0.beta19 or newer. With some minor alteration it should work for older releases as well.

This skin uses tables for layout because doing so causes the pages render as consistently as possible in a wide variety of browsers. No transition to a CSS-only layout is planned.

Comments / User Feedback

Feedback about the skin is encouraged, especially feedback regarding compatibility with various browsers. You can use the skin to view the pages of and switch back to the default skin.

Older comments are archived?.

User feedback goes here.

Comment about the "backlink" option's management

I put

SDV($EnableHeadBacklinks, 1);

in my config.php but I can't see the link in CMS mode as I can edit.

In light.php, line 157, it should be (no?) more natural to put

$EnableHeadBacklinks = 1;

rather than

$EnableHeadBacklinks = 0;

There is a bug after this correction : the "backlinks" appears but the "link=" value is not written. You have to change

"<span id='headbacklinks'><a href='\$PageUrl?action=search&q=link=\Skins.Light'


"<span id='headbacklinks'><a href='\$PageUrl?action=search&q=link=\$Group.\$Name'

How about this instead?:

"<span id='headbacklinks'><a href='\$PageUrl?action=search&q=link={\$FullName}'

Switched 0 to 1 and moved the backslash over. Thanks. --Hagan

Problems with HtpasswdForm and FASTMembership

All the things go well when you are admin (create and change passwd). The form does not work properly (you can not change your password) when you are logged as a normal user.

Please can you tell me what can I do? - jpg

Are there any new actions added by that recipe, maybe?

It is said in the technical hints section :

The recipe defines the following actions to handle the different forms:
* postadmhtpasswd (admin form)
* postusrhtpasswd (user form)
* postnewhtpasswd (new user form)

What can be done with this information ?



In light.tmpl, It seems that the line


is missing right before <\body>. Otherwise, the HTMLFooterFmt variable isn't included into the page.


Added. Thanks. --Hagan



XXXXX Heading

XXXXX Subheading

XXXXX Sub-subheading

XXXXX Sub-sub-subheading

Small text. Normal text. Large text.
Large monospaced. Normal monospaced. Small monospaced.
Strong text. Emphasized text. Superscript and Subscript.

This table, styled with "smaller"-sized fonts in the <table> tag

Wages and Salaries Income 190

should look like this one. which has the font size set in each cell:



Wages and Salaries Income



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