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August 29, 2017, at 11:15 AM by Petko in PmWiki core changes, PmWiki Cookbook changes, PmWiki Documentation changes (0 comments)

Update for PmWiki activity August 21 - August 29, 2017: core, documentation, recipes and skins updated.

Subversion changes to the core

Change log. You can get the latest, yet unpublished PmWiki code from Subversion or download as a ZIP archive.

  • Add "title" attribute to input form elements.


The documentation about recently added input form attributes was updated.


On the mailing list:

  • A thread about changing the link text on a trail link.

In the PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System (please comment, vote):

  • 01418 (Please add ordinals to ftime{} markup expressions) Simon proposed %^ as unlikely to be implemented by PHP in the future.

Cookbook (addons, modules, skins)

Recipes updated:

  • HandyTableOfContents (Handy Client-side Table of Contents) by SaidAchmiz : Added id of htoc_ul to the <ul> element inside the #htoc div (to allow just the list to be shown/hidden by Toggle).

  • Toggle (Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page) by SaidAchmiz : Added display parameter; fixed JS bug, added toggle group example.

  • Triad (Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout with full-width header and footer) by HansB : Fixed minor syntax error in showhide.php

  • Vector (Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010)) by SaidAchmiz : Several improvements and bug-fixes to the Search function; Backlinks bug fixed. Slightly improved support for tablets & similarly-sized devices.


  • Blix-Users (Blix is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer.) by Aadhar? : Request for update for PHP 7.

  • InputDefault-Talk (Demonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls) by Frank : Request to add a "title" attribute to input forms (now added for 2.2.103).

  • UserLastAction-Talk (Record the last action for each user so that stale accounts can be detected) by MarcusDenning? : Question/request about using UserAuth to print a list of recently active users.

Recipes reviewed and marked compatible with PHP 7.2


  • InputDefault Demonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls by Petko

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