PmWeekly, August 21, 2017

Update for PmWiki activity August 14 - August 21, 2017: documentation, internationalization, 10 recipes updated, discussions about PmWiki development and PHP 7.2 compatibility and cookbook recipes.

Subversion changes to the core

Change log. You can get the latest, yet unpublished PmWiki code from Subversion or download as a ZIP archive.

  • Add pagelist list=grouphomes and fmt=#grouphomes.
  • Update all scripts for PHP 7.2 (bugtrack).
  • Make responsive skin also compatible with PmWiki versions 2.2.55 or earlier.
  • Add *.vtt (web subtitles) as allowed upload extension.
  • Fix Charset headers for xlpage-iso-*.php.
  • Refactor PageStore class to remove create_function() calls.
  • Update documentation.

Focus on... work towards PHP 7.2

This was originally sent to the mailing list.

If you can spare some time, you can test the next PmWiki version before it is released next month:

Have backups.

Today I've committed a lot of code for the future PHP 7.2 compatibility, many changes to markup rules and to core functions (500+ lines of code added or changed).

Everything that worked before, all customizations, should continue to work now as well, without any changes to your configuration or recipes. The changes only affect the core markups and patterns. If your custom installation uses core functions, they should continue to work like before.

I may have missed some rule(s). It will be great if you could install this version on your wikis and report if there is anything that doesn't seem to work as you'd expect.

This version should work without problems on PHP 5.1 to 7.2. If it doesn't, or if you still run a production PHP4.x version, please let me know of any problems so I could fix them.

I plan to release 2.2.103 in the next 3 to 5 weeks.

The current code changes are needed for PmWiki to work with PHP 7.2 (not yet released) and later, while staying compatible with older PHP 5 versions, and old custom installations (addons, recipes, configuration). We are also in the process of reviewing and updating Cookbook recipes and skins for PHP 7.2, already 120+ are php72-ready. You can follow this development at .

If you have any questions or difficulties, or ideas for improvements, please contact me.

The pre-release version is now live at you can add wiki markup in the Test group to demonstrate eventual bugs.

Documentation, Internationalization

The documentation about PageList list=grouphomes and fmt=#grouphomes was updated.

The German documentation was updated. You can download it here.


On the mailing list:

In the PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System (please comment, vote):

  • 01418 (Please add ordinals to ftime{} markup expressions) What if some day PHP assigns the selected format to something else? (Please discuss.)

Cookbook (addons, modules, skins)

Recipes and skins updated:

  • DictIndex (Enable page listings using a "dictionary index" format via fmt=dictindex) by SaidAchmiz : Validation fix. A string can now be inserted at the end of each letter block. A list of index links (the letters A, B, C,) can now appear at the top.

  • HttpVariables (Access http variables in the page, such as Get variables, Post data, and Cookies.) by SaidAchmiz : Fix to correctly capture variables that are set to 0 or false.

  • MediaCategories (Assembles all Categories in a page, alphabetizes, and appends to bottom of page--in the style similar to MediaWiki.) by SaidAchmiz : Updated to play well with PmWiki's new built-in category functionality. This recipe now collects only links of the form [[Category:MyCoolCategory]] (a la MediaWiki), and places them in the div.category block at bottom.

  • PmFeed (RSS feed display for PmWiki.) by ccox : Update for PHP 5.5.

  • SectionEdit (Split a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section) by SaidAchmiz : Added $SectionEditLinkText.

  • Vector (Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010)) by SaidAchmiz : Many changes, documentation updated.


  • CodeMirror-Talk (An enhanced page editor for PmWiki) by Dfaure : Changing themes is currently unsupported.

  • 2016-Talk (Responsive skin very close to the default skin) by Petko : It is recommended to use the pmwiki-responsive skin derived from this one, and compatible even with older PmWiki installations.

Recipes reviewed and/or updated and marked compatible with PHP 7.2


  • MiniEdit An easy to use visual editor for Mini galleries by Petko
  • UpdateForm Easily create forms to display, add, and update records in a MySQL table. by Ben Stallings

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