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My goal is to have a SideBar Menu with a Toggle section of currently online active users for other valid logged-in users based on the AuthUser module.

I have not as of yet found anything based on AuthUser that will let me provide a show/hide list in the sidebar menu for logged in users of other users who are also currently and actively logged in as well.

I was thinking about hacking and rebuilding cookbook:lastuseraction with a couple of tricks from Petko for outputting wiki-style markup from php directly into a page where I could update status variables. Maybe a little something from cookbook:addtowatchlist to add and delete users who are online with a local-template of similar usage or of some sort. It would also be nice to have anigifs showing users logged in and not logged in on the last active profiles summary listing page also. Not sure how just yet, but a lot is running through my head, and my green and red dots are just waiting to see how they will be used. However, I do not want to have to rebuild the wheel if I do not have to.

Has anyone else got ideas about this type of online action for the PmWiki environment and based on standard and straight-forward usage of the AuthUser Module WITHOUT database or htaccess use?

Additional information - Automatic Idle User Logout is already being used and could serve as the timeout variable basis for inactive users to be taken off the list.
Marcus, 20170822 01:10

Addendum to the previous issue: SideBar Menu Online Users List (SMOUL). Been thinking about how the SMOUL would keep things updated, and I imagine it would be much like the watch-list module. When someone logged on with a valid UID, a page would be updated as to the status of the party, and when logged off the page would be updated again. I do not know how this would work for simultaneous edits situations.

As well, perhaps a page variable could be updated within a user profile that could be accessed on an automatic refresh URI inclusion directive based on getting a listing of each site profile user status page variable. All I know is that this could be a lot of server processing load.

However, if page variables were able to be utilized, it would then be possible to give a user radio buttons on the sidebar to set their status as option 2, 3, and 4 of the 5 possible (i.e. Online, Available, Idle, Busy, Offline).
Marcus, 20180307 22:32

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