Marcus Denning,, 20151207-23:20

I really like what you have done here so far. Now, just one more step. There needs to be a way to take these txt listings and make them part of a running listing through pagelist that one can access through admin pages without having to use something like includefile because it is harder to lock down the latter. I will be attempting to hack something together using the VisitorsCount cookbook recipe because it already has some simple file handling and I think can be tweaked to have variable preloads for wiki assignment and access. This would make things ideal to create a special page with special admin access (pre-authed admin, of course) so that one could not only set the variables loaded in the wiki like day-count to keep logs, but also the logs themselves. Of course, access control will be of paramount importance.

In the mean time, based on what you have done already, do you have the skills or some scripting that has been working on this issue yet?

If you have a problem with VisitorsLogging1337, have found a bug or want to share some information about the recipe -- here's the place to do it (hopefully, I'm new here :)

PiotrSzczepanski September 10, 2006, at 04:02 PM

Yitping? June 02, 2011, at 07:30 PM
I am a total newbie in php. Somehow the default values in visitorslogging1337.php do not work for me. So I have to make sure the customizable variables are first defined before the (include_once) call to the script in local/config.php.

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