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i installad the recepe and everything works great, only this happens: images on pages are not displayed because the source url of the image gives this: /file-extension.html.dir/file-extension.html.dir/file-extension_html_3cb3a03b.jpg instead of /file-extension.html.dir/file-extension_html_3cb3a03b.jpg. thanks hgh

ccox Thanks. Can you provide more specifics with regards to versions, etc.? That might help me in the diagnosing of the problem. For example, LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice... version 3.fill-in-the-blank... running on fill-in-blank-Linux-distro.

i run ubuntu 10.04 with openoffice 3.2 and pmwiki 2.2.36. it is a test server before we want to work operative in a educational project. The converting in pdf works perfectly with included images. Thanks a lot for helping. hgh

ccox Hate to be "the boy that cried bug!", but I think it is a bug in newer (sigh) OpenOffice. Conversion of a document where the output is specified with a path results in carrying that path into the links... which is wrong (IMHO). Fix? Well... a small change to pmdocconvert.php could be used to edit the output html file and add a <BASE URL=".."\> in the head element... sigh... I'll see what I can do. Of course, I've been told that the BASE tag must use an absolute base.. but my own tests seemed to work with the relative path.

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