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Updates for pmtoken compatibility

In case anyone else has an issue with PasteImgUpload failing after upgrading to PMWiki 2.3.23+

  • In pasteimageupload.php -
    1. On line 17 add: pmtoken(); $sessiontoken = $_SESSION['pmtoken'];
    2. On line 25 add: PasteImgUploadSessionTokenValue = '$sessiontoken';
  • In pasteimageupload.js -
    1. On line 19 add: var _PasteImgUploadSessionTokenValue = PasteImgUploadSessionTokenValue;
    2. On line 46 add: formData.append('pmtoken', _PasteImgUploadSessionTokenValue);
  • Make sure your upload folders are chmodded 777

AdamW? December 30, 2023, at 11:31 PM

Talk page for the PasteImgUpload recipe (users?).