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  • The ps2ppm converter squawks when there is no output
  • If the pdf converter seems to create a blank pdf even with no output, try upgrading the Content recipe, this has been fixed.

The recipe can be upgraded to use chroots for almost every operation. Using a chroot can greatly enhance the isolation of your converters from the rest of your system making the recipe even more secure. This upgrade requires the SchrootConverter recipe which requires the scrhoot utility, along with individual chroots for each of your converters that you wish to isolate. To make things easier, here are some ready made chroot tar files for many of the converters in this recipe. While these are mostly debian linux i386 based chroot converters, they will probably work on any linux ABI i386 compatible system since they are fully self contained user spaces with their own libraries. These will not cause any conflicts with any libraries on your system. The easiest way to install these is to download them to a directory such as /var/lib/schroot/schroots, configure the schroot utility to use them, and add a line for each one to your config.php after you load the music recipe.

ascii2abctab1.1-sch1.tar SChrootConverterFS('asciitab2abctab', 'ascii2abctab');
abctab2ps1.8.1-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('abctab2ps', 'abctab2ps');
abcm2ps5.5.2-1.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('abcm2ps', 'abcm2ps');
abc2midi20070318-2d.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('abctab2midi', 'abc2midi'); SChrootConverterFS('abcm2midi', 'abc2midi');
ppmtogif10.0-11.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('ppm2gif', 'ppm2gif');
timidity2.13.2-19.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('midi2wav', 'timidity');
oggenc1.0.2-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('wav2vorbis', 'oggenc');
flac1.2.1-1.2.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('wav2flac', 'flac');
toolame02l-6.deb-sch1.tarSChrootConverterFS('wav2mp2', 'toolame');
(see example from SchrootConverter for registration)

The gs converter is hard to get to work in a chroot environment, if someone figures out how to do it, please post it here! :)

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