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HansB 26/07/2020: You can now set width as wiki style within tooltip text, for instance like %width=20em%. Wikistyle bgcolor (background-color) also works. In addition one can change the relative position of the tooltip (relative to the link) with top=<value> and left=<value> as part of wikistyle markup within the tooltip text, like %top=0 left=1em%

Here's a find that might be of some use; tooltip and createColumns are compatible. Here's a link to a set of these two codes using links, as well. \http://\ Each browser has a different response, but with Firefox you should be able to left-click and drag the cursor over the tool-tip window and the window will stay open when the left-click button is released. Just go a little further and then return to the tool-tip link, and the window will stick open. Mouseover the link at the top of the sidebar called Index to see an example: \http://\

I'm no CSS expert, but I managed to get rid of the unwanted newline by replacing the initial 'div' tag (the one with class="ttwrap") with a 'span', and changing all the div.ttwrap to span.ttwrap in the CSS. I have no idea if there are any repercussions, but it seems to work. The rest is just awesome :) Thanks. - Ben 2010-09-02 21:46

No expert either, but this didn't quite work for me. The <p> tags in the tool tip text kept breaking the span. So after this line:

$tt = MarkupToHTML($pagename, $tt);

I added these lines:

$tt = str_replace("<p>",'',$tt);
$tt = str_replace("</p>",'',$tt);
$tt = trim($tt);

Hope this helps. Now I've gotta figure out how to get rid of the extra space on either side of the inline link. - Scott 2019-07-03 13:48

Is it true that for this recipe to work in IE6 you need to install the WikiStylesPlus recipe or something similar to enable hover on non-link elements? bang February 20, 2010, at 02:26 PM

Which browsers has this recipe been tested in? (I had a problem under Opera.) - RandyB 2008-04-18

There is a rendering bug in Opera 9.27, which is overcome in Opera 9.5beta. HansB

Using the 2008-04-10 version of this recipe with Safari 3.1 and Firefox 3.0b5 causes the same problem: sometimes a new line occurs where it shouldn't. - RandyB 2008-04-19

I have this working where it includes another page as a tooltip. The problem is I have many links on the page.

When the tool tip pops up with a link underneath it. The link shows through (tooltip is translucent to links underneath) This appears to only be in IE(7). In Firefox its ok. - Nigel 2008-02-10

A possible fix for this problem is to change this line in linkcsstooltip.php:

static $cnt = 50; $cnt++;


static $cnt = 1000; $cnt--;

and change this line:

return "<div class='ttwrap'>".$link.$ttdiv."</div>";

to this:

return "<div class='ttwrap' style='z-index:{$cnt}'>".$link.$ttdiv."</div>";

bang February 20, 2010, at 02:26 PM


I have this working where it includes another page as a tooltip. If the text is on a single line it causes scrollbars and text is off the page. Only occurs in Firefox. IE(7) is Ok - Nigel 2008-02-10

Excellent recipe, Hans!! FYI, I modified it so you can also have:

  • [[Target | Short link text |: + :]] (tooltip text is the title of the link target page)
    That may help others too! Or maybe an example of which PTV to use to include the Description or title in the tooltip markup. Thanks again!!

I added examples for variables as tooltip like PageVar 'Title'. Please send me your mod script, perhaps I can adopt it? HansB December 11, 2008, at 04:51 AM

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