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  • Trying to remove the PHP > 5.5 warning about preg_replace, I've made this changes
    function MyHtml ($m) {
    return Keep(str_replace(array('&lt;', '&gt;', '&'), array('<', '>', '&'), $m[1]));
    which seems to work (5/Jul/2018) Alef
  • (13/Aug/2010) You can use the standard cookbook installation, by copying the following file in your cookbook directory: JavaScript-Editable.phpΔ , and add include('cookbook/JavaScript-Editable.php'); in your 'local/config.php' -Profiles.MassimilianoVessi
  • Inserted code into config and tried using the alert example given in PmWiki2.1beta20 with monobook skin in farm. All it produced was the text of the script. Same result when I inserted the JavaScript for a google map. Des Feb 16, 2006.
  • Same results here with Pmwiki 2.0.13. The problem is the '<' and '>' characters get changed to '&lt;' and '&gt;'.
  • In the process of posting the above note, I realized the problem with the code. The markup code as viewed in edit mode was correct, but was rendering differently. I fixed it to render correctly. -JC

This note already existed at the time this recipe page was created, but it was easy to overlook. The code there might work a little better because your block of code will not necessarily be <p>inside a paragraph</p>. Hagan

  • Thanks for the pointer. I trialled the markup in the note and it worked first time. Although the page is protected, I've now removed the markup as anyone familiar with the related (:html:) could use it on any open page to freely insert code. Maintaining the google map API code on an external page and using (:includeurl:) seems safer. Des Feb 26, 2006.

Using this script, I was able to add Google Translate to my sidebar. Not too shabby! - Aargau3

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