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Hello, I like the idea behind this recipe, but the result is not good. When I click on a attached and uploaded image, the result is that I'm asked to upload the image again; i don't get to see the big image. It seems to me that for the link to the image the pageURL is used instead of the uploadURL. Grtz, Han, sept 30 at 20.48 CET

Can you give some more informations? It should work out of the box with PmWiki. First try to outcomment (step by step) other cookbooks you included to make shure that no other cookbook script is interfering. If it does not work please tell me if you use a special $UploadPrefixFmt and provide a link to your wiki if possible. -- Schlaefer October 01, 2005, at 01:48 AM

1 oktober, 17.55CET Other cookbook recipes are not the problem. I use $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$FullName'; and $WikiDir = new PageStore('wiki.d/$Group/$FullName');. This stores uploads in a directory per page, not per group. I have changed $UploadPrefixFmt to '/$FullName' in Imagepopup.php. But the result is: zero.

The link I get on the image in the pop-up window is http://julian.local/palimpsest/index.php/Site/WikiSandbox?action=download&upname=jazz.jpg. Sorry, it is an intranet site. Thanks, Han

I can't see the problem at the moment. The link seems correct and if there is a picture at http://julian.local/palimpsest/index.php/Site/WikiSandbox?action=download&upname=jazz.jpg it should be shown by PmWiki. -- Schlaefer October 02, 2005, at 07:05 AM

In the popup window the image displays but with the same size as in the original page (200px wide). Han, 2 okt, 22.59 CEST

Can you confirm that the browser URL is http://julian.local/palimpsest/index.php/Site/WikiSandbox?action=imgpopup?image=jazz.jpg or http://julian.local/palimpsest/index.php/Site/WikiSandbox?action=imgpopup&image=jazz.jpg -- Schlaefer October 02, 2005, at 04:47 PM

Yes the URL is correct. I think the problem is in the HTML styles. My masthead is in the popup window also reduced to 200px wide. I have experimented quit a bit, but haven't located the cause of the problem (so far). Thanks, Han 3 okt 10.54 CEST

I encountered the same Problems. When I press the "Zoom Image" Button, a new Window popps up but only a link gets displayed: [(approve links) edit diff] anny suggestions? It would be nice, cause I realy like this plugin! Greetings, Rene 05.10.2006

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