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Profiles January 21, 2005, at 20:13
copy() should be replaced with move_uploaded_file(). But -> next problem: wrong pathes are in the html code...

Profiles October 25, 2005, at 05:55 AM
Screenshots say this is what I am looking for!
But there are some strange things: Instead of the ImgSets/ folder the ImageSets/ was created
Working in the WikiSandbox I chose some .gif-s and .jpg-s, clicked Upload and wanted to enjoy my new gallery. But no pictures on the page. I checked the created folders and they are empty.
Then I copied some pictures directly to the folder Uploads/ImageSets/Try but the page Main.WikiSandbox where I have put (:imgset Try:) is empty.
Any idea where I am wrong?
(Windows XP P, Abyss web server, PHP5, PmWiki 2.0.11)

Hi Jiri. The directory name is indeed ImageSets not ImgSets, probably just a typo. I changed it.
Just copying images to the directory doesn't work. The script relies on the presence of the generated thumbnails.
Without more details I can't see why uploading images didn't work for you. It worked for me. ;-) Do you have your WikiSandbox online?
--Su2, 19.11.2005
Jiri, could it be a thumbnailing issue? The script uses bilinear resizes, which only work on newer GD libraries.
Is your PHP install fairly recent? The other issue could be a permissions thing. Try chmodding your ImageSets directory
Or allowing the script to create the directories itself (which will automatically chmod them). The next version
will have more descriptive error messages and possibly a workaround for the GD issue above.
--Rob, 21.11.2005

Profiles February 15, 2005, at 22:09
The script doesn't upload images when register_globals = off

22 March 2006 SAFE MODE restriction in effect?!?!

i can upload the files no problem, but when it comes to deleteing it throws up user id #### cant access owner ##### also the file size has a similar problem.

stealth at fireflyuk dot net

I've added some code to this script so it will auto create the thumb images so you can just FTP your image files all at once to a imgset directory. Remember to chmod your new imgset directories. Just copy in the new file and upload your images. The first time you view the imgset page it will auto generate the tumb files. If you have a lot of images in one directory you may need to hit refresh a couple times due to timeouts.

Download imgsetAutoThumbΔ and copy it to cookbook/imgset.php

Jiri May 25, 2006, at 05:19 AM
I FTPed some pictures and this warnings appeared. I did chmod 777 for the directory, subdirs and files, but still all the same.
After the warnings the page was rendered but instead thumbs only placeholders could be seen. Try it at , please. What should I do ?

Warning: imagejpeg(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 12251 is not allowed to access /www/o/obutex/public_html/crm/uploads/ImageSets/Test owned by uid 33 in /www/o/obutex/public_html/crm/cookbook/imgset.php on line 343
Warning: imagejpeg(): Invalid filename in /www/o/obutex/public_html/crm/cookbook/imgset.php on line 343

This does not seem to allow groups. I noticed index.php?n=$pagename?... is hard coded in, which wont work for groups. -mason

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