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This is a really nice innovation.

I had just a couple of problems.

1. I found that links did not resolve properly for new groups, i.e. if you link to [[Main-Kingdom]] and there are no pages matching Main-Kingdom.*, then the link ends up going to Main.Main-Kingdom. The solution is to link to explicitly create Main-NewGroup.HomePage, Hg links work as expected once that page exists.

2. I didn't understand how to put a breadcrumb link in a skin. I understood from the guide that I would need to create a page variable, but that's not the case (at least for the simple breadcrumb that I wanted). All you need to do is edit the skin.tmpl page and insert


at the appropriate place.

Phil 5/4/2007

1. In order for hg.php to work, I had to eliminate the line: $ScriptUrl = "http://www.example.org/pmwiki"; from config.php (no clean url's) If I didn't do this - I could not edit any page. 2. Is there a way to get expanding menus (emenu.php) to recognize subpages, i.e. the expanding menu will open on kingdom-fish, but then it closes on kingdom-fish-tuna.

Thanks so much! LFS 13-14.06.2007

I'm unable to get this working at a basic level, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Hope you can help. I placed the hg.php file in my cookbooks directory. I added the include_once statement to my config.php. (I also tried using double quotes and $FarmD in the include_once statement instead of as given above.) I edited one of my pages and added (:breadcrumb:) to it (tried various locations), and when I save the page I see (:breadcrumb:). In other words, it's not interpreting the markup. So I tried the suggestion above to add <!--markup:(:breadcrumb:)--> to my skin, and that also adds (:breadcrumb:) to my pages, uninterpreted. My $ScriptUrl statement in config.php was already commented out. My web server is IIS 6 on Windows 2003 R2. I'm using PHP version 5.2.4 and PmWiki version 2.2.0-beta63. I was able to get the Cluster cookbook to work correctly (but Hg does more of what I want to do).

Any help greatly appreciated.
SarahD 2007-10-25

Am facing the same problem as SarahD. The markup (:breadcrumb:) does not work at all. I tried all the above recommendations.
FarhadK 2008-01-30

I am having the same problem as SarahD and FarhadK. I even set-up a virgin copy of PMWiki with no modifications at all except for installing Hg and including Hg.php in the config.php file. On a new, empty page, when I insert (:breadcrumb:) nothing gets interpreted. I then installed Cluster and it's breadcrumb function seems to work correctly. My server is a Windows 2000 box running IIS 5. Help!
CR Andrews Jr. 2008-04-19

Hi, please change line:
Markup('hgbreadcrumb', '>var', '/\(:breadcrumb:\)/e', 'hgBreadCrumb()');
Markup('hgbreadcrumb', '>{$var}', '/\(:breadcrumb:\)/e', 'hgBreadCrumb()');
in hg.php file. It's works for me.

I noticed that the (:breadcrumb:) trails always had un-CleanUrls. To allow CleanUrls in them, change the line (at or near) line 18 in hg.php from:

      $FmtPV['$PageUrl'] = 'PUE("$ScriptUrl?n=" . hgUrl($group, $name))';


      $FmtPV['$PageUrl'] = 'PUE(($EnablePathInfo) 
         ? "$ScriptUrl/".hgUrl($group, $name)
         : "$ScriptUrl?n=".hgUrl($group, $name))';

Mrspcolli 2010-06-16

How do I make hg always use / when in links and names (e.g. address bar, links, breadcrumbs, etc.) but still use - in folder names? At the moment it uses -, and / only for the last group, e.g. "Foo-Bar/Foobar."

Anri, 2010-06-30 1:37 PM

Talk page for the Hg recipe (users?).