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Dear Russ, dear Craig,

first let me thank you for the idea to create another gmap plugin for PmWiki. Although GoogleMapAPI still matures and lot's and lot's of work has been done, it's geared to one direction and it's currently focussed on the 2.0 Google MAP API.

Since it's concept creation a few things concerning the API have changed and improved.

Standard features right out of the box with v. 2.5.x:

Furthermore the GoogleMapAPI limits currently itself by not enabling infowindows to contain an iframe and/or css. By simply enabling the infowindows html to contain an iframe, anything could be displayed in them:

  • another gmap
  • any wiki page (enabling wiki editing of infowindows!)
  • any external page
  • This example on my page uses css in it's Cape Town marker, it uses an iframe with a link to another webpage in it's Durban marker. :)

Warning: Allowing users to add <iframe> is a security flaw. (See "The Ghost in the Browser, Analysis of Web-Based Malware.")

Then, some really useful extensions have been published:

Talk page for the GoogleMapsInterface recipe (users?).