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GetRidOfMain and CleanUrls were great! With no experience in PHP or Apache, total time invested: less than two hours, and now my urls are incredibly short and easy to type. I've done it all through the FTP that comes with Windows. Jeff 7/17/07

One problem I've noticed. It still works great, but if someone enters an address for a page that isn't already created, they get a 404 Not Found error message rather than the screen to create a page. It's not a huge deal but I'd like to fix it if possible. Jeff 12/21/07

It's not possible to add 'nc,' to [L] or [QSA,L] in the lines added to the .htaccess file. That way, is the same as, however it disrupts links to static files in the template (css files, images, etc). If the user wants to link using lowercase (like [[pmwiki]]), the two ocurrences of $name in the above codes have to replaced with ucwords($name). Renato 05/11/08

      - This isn't working for me.  I am using the first piece of code and there are THREE instances of $name.  Neil 13/09/22

For use with CleanUrls using...

 $FmtPV['$PageUrl'] = 'PUE(($group==$GLOBALS["DefaultGroup"]) ? "$ScriptUrl/$name" : "$ScriptUrl/$group/$name")';

instead of...

 $FmtPV['$PageUrl'] = 'PUE(($group==$GLOBALS["DefaultGroup"]) ? "$ScriptUrl?n=$name" : "$ScriptUrl?n=$group.$name")';

...makes the URL a little cleaner. I modified the cookbook code above to reflect this. AndyG 10/29/08

Works great! A problem is that when a page is not found in Main (and isn't another group), Main.HomePage is shown instead of the offer to create a new page. How could this be solved? This only happens for the short form without the group. wvengen? 13/02/09

NOTE: This recipe is broken and un-maintanined. After applying this recipe, links to non-existing pages in the Main/ group DO NOT WORK. Instead they open Main/Welcome for editing. I have been unable to find a work-around or support for this issue. TRhodes July 07, 2009

Added the 'Fix for links to non-existing pages' section to work-around the previously described problem. -SMaddox Sep 22, 2009

Thanks for trying, but the fix for links to non-existing pages still isn't working for me. Is it working for anyone else? Jeff

Links to non-existant pages work, but if you enter non-existant URL, than it won't give you quick link for the new page. Furthermore, this recipe is conflicting with LimitWikiGroups method 2. If enabled both, config.php will set the edit password as an admin somewhy. Tautrimas November 17, 2009, at 02:55 PM

This appears to break breadcrumbs because /Main becomes Main.Main and /Site becomes Main.Site. Does any have a fix for this? ~M 201312291521 ET

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