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I did it, but got

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: save_path() in /home/yuycom/public_html/local/config.php on line 41

There was a syntax error in the previous version of this page; it should be "session_save_path" and not "session.save_path". Now fixed above. --Pm

Sorry, Pm, when I wrote that I didn't know most anything about the variables pmwiki uses :). -Radu?

Changing the pub/sess directory to 770 permissions won't work in many PHP environments, as the webserver won't have write access to the directory. Also, SCRIPT_FILENAME isn't reliable for some environments. Better might be to set session.save_path to "$FarmD/pub/sess". --Pm
(#) And actually, now that I think about it, putting the directory in pub/ is not a good idea either. This would make visible the passwords (and possibly other details) that people are using to access the site. It should go in a directory outside of the web hierarchy, or be protected by .htaccess or something similar. --Pm

Does this work with v2.0? How about AuthUser? I don't have a .httpauth file to copy..... -- joe

This doesn't seem to work for v2. wiki.d does not contain a .httpauth file, and users are still prompted for userid and password with every enter. Any ideas on how to fix this?? - oPEO webm

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