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Congratulations! Very nice recipe and documentation. It looks like it has alot of potential.

  • Reading through the tutorial I see that the display page is hardcoded with references to each data page (and template). I wonder whether that part of the process could be automated as well using pagelist, or similar methods, which would use a single line of markup with a wildcard reference to the data pages to generate the line by line reference that your display page requires.
    • The fact that pagelist results can't be used to drive wikitrails indicates that this might not work without some recoding, which you seem up to the task of; but if you can find a way to get your code to accept markup generated by PageLists and PageListTemplates, that would seem like a much better route.
  • While your tutorial uses examples where all files exist under the same group, called "Main," if users organize pages under different groups, for example, placing data and templates in separate group(s) from display pages, then the data group could be used to simplify the wildcard search, and the data (and templates) could be locked down to prevent visitors from wandering into and editing these pages.
  • Once you start down this path of using pagelist to drive the display page, you could use the same method to allow a searchbox to drive the display, allowing users to use searches to generate their own display pages (which would be great for a knowledge base wiki, for example).
  • Anyway, great work, and thanks for sharing your work. Pico April 11, 2006, at 08:08 AM

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