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  • I can't seem to get this to work w/either IE or Firefox. :( --GaryV 5/30/06
  • I couldn't seem to get this to work on my wiki until I found that I had NOT put the dltoggle directory in pub. It works now. Thanks Hans :) --BJayaram 5/2/06
  • Is it possible to have nested dltoggles?
    Not with this script, sorry! HansB July 31, 2007, at 02:54 AM
  • It seems to work except when it comes to pages with images and pulldown menus inside the <DD>. I have to click on "open all" TWICE before I can see the images and pulldown menus in IE!!! Does anyone know how to solve this issue? [(approve links) edit diff]

Talk page for the FAQToggleList recipe (users?).