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pmwiki 2.2.10, xampp 1.7.3 (which includes Apache 2.2.14 and PHP 5.3.1), running under Windows XP and Windows 7 Home Edition

The split function on line 87? is deprecated and displays an error under Windows XP, however, under Windows 7 it sometimes outputs an error and most times it just seems to hang pmwiki. Replacing the split function directly with preg_split (as outlined in the php documentation here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.split.php) seems to have done the job.

Scott Farquharson 2010-02-05

The split function might also be replaced by expode().

See pmwiki change log: Version 2.2.13 (2010-02-21)

    * Replace deprecated in PHP 5.3 function split() with explode(). 

Peter Kiefel 2010-03-08

explode() does not match regular expressions. I think a direct replacement with preg_split() would be more suitable as mentioned in the comment above. ~theOctopus 2012-11-07

There seems to be an issue with version: 2007-08-04 in combination with PMWiki 2.2.0-beta65:
All spaces disappear in link captions of items that have children. E.g. [[Group.MyPage|My pretty caption]] would appear as Myprettycaption. List items without children do not show this behaviour.
Quick and dirty solution: Just removing script line 110 which says "remove spaces" worked for me - but I'm not sure what the side effects are, in general.\\ Irregular spaces in other parts could possible make the further replacements fail. Further suggestion (without actually understanding the script as a whole): Make RegExp in line 111 cope with any possible extra spaces \s* outside the parentheses and clean lmatch[1]-[4] from spaces afterwards. Frank Schweickert 2008-Jan-29

I also experienced the issue mentioned by Schweikart. As well as removing the line with "/* remove spaces */" consider also changing the preg_match that follows it with: preg_match("/^([^\\.:\\/]*?:)?\s*?(?:([^\\.:\\/]*?)([\\.\\/]))?([^\\.:\\/]*?)\s*?(?:\\|(.*))?\$/",$l,$lmatch); This handles cases like [[Group.MyPage | My pretty caption ]], although links made with a space at the front (as in [[ Group.MyPage|My pretty caption]] seem to be omitted from the list. So there must be something else that needs changing. ~theOctopus 2012-11-07

Besides, it would be nice if ExpandingMenu2 was compatible with Sitemapper that delivers a nested list e.g. for the sidebar and a line of breadcrumb navigation on every page.
Frank Schweickert 2008-Jan-28

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