Summary: User notes for the Edit-Restricted Profile recipe.

If you use or used the Edit-Restricted Profile recipe, you can add yourself in the list below. These statistics may help newcomers to select recipes for their wikis. Both (+) positive and (-) negative short comments are welcome. For longer comments or questions please use the Edit-RestrictedProfile-Talk page.


You can edit this page and add your name.

  • + This will not work in the case of usernames beginning with lowercase letters (as the examples in AuthUser do). The Profiles page name will be capitalized so the user cannot edit his own Profile. Use the php function ucfirst to capitalize $Author. in the comparison. Of this does nothing if the user name already begins with an uppercase letter and does not affect the rest of the username. When this change is made, the recipe seems to work with legal usernames.

LarsEighner October 09, 2011, at 12:09 PM

PLEASE PUT YOUR ENTRY DIRECTLY *ABOVE* THE [#usersend] LINE. The format should be: asterisk, either + or - in parentheses, comment, your name or profile link For example (obviously without the at the beginning): * (+) comment-text name?


User notes for the Edit-Restricted Profile recipe (talk).